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Institut national du sport du Québec – Montreal, June 28, 2016 – Thanks to the skills and experience of dozens of experts, the Institut national du sport du Québec (INS Québec) provides world-class support to all Olympic and Paralympic athletes and high-performance coaches in Quebec. The majority of Quebec athletes who will be representing Canada at the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Rio have benefited from INS Québec’s services in one way or another during their training.

During the Games, several INS Québec experts and partners will be available to members of the media who wish to supplement their Olympic coverage with pieces related to the Institute’s four service categories: sports medicine (athlete health, physiotherapy, nutrition, etc.), sport science (physiology, mental and physical preparation, biomechanics, etc.), coach training and personal development (career transition, budgeting, etc.).

Sport science experts

Sport physiology

Jonathan Tremblay

Physiology Consultant for the synchronized swimming team, professor of physiology at Université de Montréal’s kinesiology department.

Francois Billaut

Physiology Consultant for the short track speed skating team, professor at Université Laval’s kinesiology department.

Nicolas Berryman

Physiology Consultant for the judo and water polo teams, professor at Bishop’s University’s sports studies department. Coach trainer.

Myriam Paquette

INS Québec Physiologist for swimming, kayak and para-swimming. Exercise physiology Ph.D. student at Université Laval. Coach trainer.



Mathieu Charbonneau

 INS Québec Sport Biomechanist for synchronized swimming, swimming, para-swimming, kayak, diving and short track speed skating. Coach trainer.

Benoit Lussier

Sport Biomechanist and Consultant for short track speed skating. Ph.D. candidate, Université Laval.

Mickael Begon

Acrobatic Coach and Performance Analyst for synchronized swimming. Professor of biomechanics at Université de Montréal’s kinesiology department.



Mental training

Wayne Halliwell

Mental Training Consultant for several athletes and teams, professor of sports psychology at Université de Montréal’s kinesiology department.

Maxime Trempe

Movement Control and Learning, and Sleep Effects Consultant. Professor at Bishop’s University.

Amélie Soulard

Mental Training Consultant for the para-swimming team. Excellence Sportive Sherbrooke.

Véronique Richard

Mental Training Consultant for swimming and women’s water polo.


Physical training

Cory Kennedy

Physical Training Supervisor at INS Québec. Works with diving, judo and women’s hockey athletes. Coach trainer.

Alain Delorme

Physical Training Consultant for technical-tactical and artistic sports, swimming and combat sports.

Raymond Veillette

Physical Training Consultant for technical-tactical sports. Excellence Sportive Québec-Lévis.


Sports medicine experts

Sports medicine

Dr. Suzanne Leclerc

Director, Sport Medicine, at INS Québec and Head Doctor at the INS Québec sport medicine clinic.

Dr. Hugo Hébert

Doctor at the INS Québec sport medicine clinic. Works with boxing athletes.

Dr. Manon Côté

Doctor at the INS Québec sport medicine clinic—will be going to Rio. Works with synchronized swimming, para-swimming, swimming and soccer athletes.

Dr. Josée Rainville

Doctor at the INS Québec sport medicine clinic. Works with diving and gymnastics athletes.

Dr. Alexandra Bwenge

Doctor at the INS Québec sport medicine clinic. Head of Communications for the Association québécoise des médecins du sport (AQMS).

Dr. David Tinjust

Neuroscientist, Consultant.

Dr. Fanny Guérin

Neuropsychologist, Consultant.

David Martin

Kinesiologist specialized in return to play after concussion, Consultant.


Physiotherapy and massage therapy

Josiane Roberge

Chief Physiotherapist, INS Québec

Jean-Sébastien Rondeau

INS Québec Sport Therapist. Works with diving, fencing and gymnastics athletes.

Félix Croteau

INS Québec Physiotherapist. Works with water polo athletes.

Kathleen Smith

INS Québec Physiotherapist. Works with synchronized swimming athletes.

Alain Bellemare

 Massage Therapist, Consultant.



Marie-Hélène Bourbonnais

INS Québec Sport and Performance Nutritionist, P.Dt., Ph.D. candidate.

Alexia De Macar

Sport and Performance Nutritionist, P.Dt., Ph.D. candidate, Sports Nutrition Consultant for the national diving and swimming teams and for several individual athletes.

Martin Fréchette

Sports Nutritionist and Nutrition Consultant for the synchronized swimming, boccia, para-cycling and women’s water polo teams.

Catherine Naulleau

Sports Nutritionist and Nutrition Consultant for judo, weightlifting, cycling and boxing.


Coach training experts

Marie-Pier Charest

Director, Training and Development Programs at INS Québec; Coach Training Programs in Quebec and Canada; Long-Term Athlete Development; Education.


Personal development experts

Sophie Brassard

Game Plan Counsellor, Orientation and Post-Career Guidance Counsellor, Athlete Career Transition Advisor.


Aiming to be the key performance partner for the development of high-performance sport in Quebec, INS Québec supports some 500 athletes who receive funding from Sport Canada or the Équipe Québec program, as well as 115 coaches funded by the Équipe Québec program. Many of these athletes and coaches are members of the 24 high-performance training groups supported by INS Québec. INS Québec relies on a team of specialist personnel and service providers with specific mandates in order to deliver its services to high-performance athletes and coaches.

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Headquartered in Montreal’s Olympic Park, the Institut national du sport du Québec (INS Québec) is a private organization that aims to allow all high-performance athletes and coaches in Quebec to develop in a world-class training environment. A key partner of sport systems in Quebec and Canada, INS Québec serves over 500 athletes and 900 coaches in the high-performance community. A Canadian Olympic and Paralympic Sport Institute (COPSI) Network member, INS Québec coordinates a network of eight regional multi-sport training centres and seven single-sport training centres across Quebec. INS Québec receives support from the Ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement supérieur, Sport Canada, Own the Podium, the Canadian Olympic Committee, the Canadian Olympic Foundation, the Canadian Paralympic Committee and the Coaching Association of Canada, in addition to private partners such as CISCO, Bell, Mondo, Teknion | Roy & Breton, Côté Fleury, Inaxsys, B2dix and Sports Experts. |




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