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Institut national du sport du Québec – Montreal, January 15, 2018 – At the Olympic and Paralympic Games, differences that are often minimal separate medallists from other competitors. Thanks to the expertise and experience of its experts, the Institut national du sport du Québec (INS Québec) provides high-performance athletes training in Quebec and their coaches with access to the latest scientific and technological advances, high-quality medical and sports services as well as professional and personal training services. The goal is simple: consider all determiners of athlete performance in the preparation for major Games.

Many of our experts are available during the Games to collaborate with the media who would like to feature, in their Olympic coverage, topics related to one of the four types of services offered by INS Québec: sports sciences (physiology, physical and mental preparation, biomechanics, etc.), sports medicine (physiotherapy, nutrition, etc.), coach training or personal development (career transition, budget planning, etc.).

Sports science experts

Guy Thibault
Director, Sports Science of INS Québec. Researcher and associate professor specialized in training methods for endurance sports (such as cross-country skiing, etc.);

François Bieuzen
Exercise Physiologist. Works with short track and long track speed skating, freestyle skiing, cross-country skiing. Specialist in recovery (innovative strategies), sleep, monitoring and regulation of the training load, risk of injury prevention, overwork / overtraining prevention.

Myriam Paquette
Exercise Physiologist. Specialist in training load monitoring and response to training; Training planning and development methods of energy qualities.

Mathieu Charbonneau
Sports Biomechanic. Tools and measurement methods development applied in the strength and conditioning room and on the sports field.

Benoit Lussier
Sports Biomechanic works with short track speed skating. Expertise: Tools and measurement methods development applied in the strength and conditioning room and on the sports field.

Mental preparation
Amélie Soulard
Sports psychologist, mental preparation consultant. Works mainly with Paralympic sports.

Strength and conditioning
Alain Delorme
Strength and Conditioning coach. Technical-tactical and artistic sports.

Cory Kennedy
Strength and Conditioning coach. Works with women’s hockey.

Sports medicine experts

Sports medicine
Dre Suzanne Leclerc
Director, Sports medicine. Works with short track speed skating and figure skating. *Available during the Paralympic Games only.

Dre Manon Côté
Doctor at the INS Québec sports medicine clinic.

Dre Fanny Guérin

Dr Hugo Hébert
Doctor at the INS Québec sports medicine clinic.

David Martin
Kinesiologist. Specialist in post concussion reactivation. Works with short track speed skating.

Dre Gabrielle Ostiguy
Doctor at the INS Québec sports medicine clinic.

Dre Josée Rainville
Doctor at the INS Québec sports medicine clinic.

Josiane Roberge
Head Physiotherapist. Works with Figure skating.

Félix Croteau

Émilie Turner
Physiotherapist. Works with the short track speed skating development team.

Ève Crépeau
Sports Nutritionist.

Martin Fréchette
Sports Nutritionist. Works with the short track speed skating team.

Ariane Lavigne
Sports Nutritionist. Snowboard athlete in Sotchi 2014.

Coach training experts

Aurore Monin
Supervisor, Training services

Personal development experts

Lu Bonnet
Game Plan Consellor.

Sophie Brassard
Career Counsellor.

Most of Quebec athletes who will be representing Canada at the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Pyeongchang have benefited from INS Québec’s services and its network of regional multi-sport training centres in one way or another during their training.

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The Institut national du sport du Québec is a “Catalyst of dreams—one athlete at a time” and acts as a key performance partner for high-performance sports in Quebec and Canada. With its network of eight regional multi-sport training centres, 17 single-sport training centres and its Complex at Olympic Park which is home to eight high-performance training groups, INS Québec offers sports-medicine, sports science and personal development services to athletes on Canadian national teams training in Quebec, next-generation athletes, high-performance coaches and sports. A member of the Canadian Olympic and Paralympic Sport Institute Network, INS Québec serves more than 500 high-performance athletes, 2,000 next-generation athletes and the nearly 900 coaches who train them.

INS Québec receives support from the Ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement supérieur, Sport Canada, Own the Podium, the Canadian Olympic Committee, the Canadian Olympic Foundation, the Canadian Paralympic Committee and the Coaching Association of Canada, in addition to private partners such as CISCO, Bell, Mondo, Teknion | Roy & Breton, Côté Fleury, Inaxsys, B2dix and Sports Experts.


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