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Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women and Sport and Physical Activit

August 2016

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In this Issue: Olympic Games Version

  1. An Athlete’s Perspective – Olympic blog written by Natalie Spooner
  2. CAAWS Analysis of the Rio Olympics
  3. Fuelling Women Champions – Champions Fund
  4. CAAWS’ Virtual Reality
  5. Board Opportunity: Canoe Kayak Canada
  6. Congratulations to…

1. An Athlete’s Perspective – Olympic blog written by Natalie Spooner

Fuelling Women Champions ambassador Natalie Spooner has competed in an Olympic Games, has won a gold medal and seen first hand the incredible experience that is being a part of the Olympic Games.

Part 1 of 2: hear her perspective on these Games, what she’s watching, and why these Games feel special to her in her blog on the CAAWS website.

2. CAAWS Analysis of the Rio Olympics

We have seen some amazing things during these Olympic Games! By day 7 of the Games, we have seen female athletes owning the podium, with all Canadian medals earned by women. We have seen our female teams battle world champions and come out on top, and there have been tremendous moments of respect, excellence and friendship portrayed by our Canadian athletes.

Why is it that there are still such frustrating moments of gender discrimination and inequity to go along with these triumphs? We have seen women athletes compete at their highest level, and the credit is given to their male partner. We have also continuously seen female athletes criticized for their attire, hair, and appearance during competition. Why is this still happening? Most sports tend to be covered through a male perspective in every day sport, however with the Olympic Games having such an increase in female athletes, shouldn’t this have been rectified? Of 2014 sports programming in Canada’s national sports networks, only 4% featured women’s sport, as reported in Women in Sport: Fuelling a Lifetime of Participation, by Fuelling Women’s Champions and CAAWS.

CAAWS is calling for a change! We invite you to join us in celebrating strong examples of reporting, and calling out examples that don’t meet these standards. Comment on social media, send an email, make a phone call.

Sport media personnel: report on the athlete and their performance as an athlete. That’s what matters, and that’s what they deserve.

3. Fuelling Women Champions – Champions Fund

Funding is reported as the top challenge to female sport participation. Canada’s dairy farmers have unveiled a $100K grant program for female amateur sport through the Fuelling Women Champions movement. They have already received over 500 applications, and they keep coming!

CAAWS is excited to be a part of this initiative that will have such a tangible impact on women in sport. If you or an athlete you know could benefit from this exciting opportunity, we encourage you to share with your network! To learn more about the Champions Fund or to apply, visit the Women Champions website.

4. CAAWS’ Virtual Reality

CAAWS has a staff presence in both Ottawa and Toronto now! Other than updating your address book with our new address, your experience in working with us will remain unchanged. You can reach us at the same email address and phone number as before, with the new mailing address as follows:

Mail: 11 Marjory Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, M4M 2Y2
Email (as before):
Phone (as before): 613-562-5667

5. Board Opportunity: Canoe Kayak Canada

Interested in joining a board of directors? Canoe Kayak Canada is looking for two members to join their team. Opportunities like this come up regularly (many are posted on the SIRC newsletter) and we encourage women to put themselves forward for leadership roles like this.

More women are needed at the top levels in Canadian sport and physical activity. By bringing diversity of perspective and experience, women can help produce higher performing organizations, for the benefit of all involved.

With women comprising only 26% of National Sport Organidzation (NSO) and 38% of Multi-Sport Organization (MSO) board members, there is significant room for improvement. Closing this gap requires women who are willing to step up to the responsibility and boards who welcome their participation.

Are you wondering if joining a board is for you? Check out our CAAWS resource Women on Boards: A Guide for Getting Involved for insight into how boards work, what to consider in deciding to put your name forward, and how to set yourself up for success. This guide is also helpful for boards who are looking to add more women to their ranks.

6. Congratulations to…

  • All our Canadian athletes! Medals have been won and records shattered while the world is watching. The Canadian Olympic team is made up of a historic high 59% female population!
  • President of the COC Tricia Smith on being elected as a member of the IOC.

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