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Do you know someone who belongs in the Hall of Fame? It’s up to you to make it happen! The Nova Scotia Sport Hall of Fame accepts nominations from the public for the categories of AthleteBuilder, and TeamThe nomination deadline for consideration for Induction 2023 is January 31st. Find all the forms, and learn more about eligibility and the nomination process on our website here

Nominations FAQ

Can I submit my nomination electronically?

Yes, you may submit your nomination electronically by emailing 

Please submit the nomination as one attachment if possible.

What if my nomination arrives after the deadline due to mail delays?

As long as your nomination is post-marked by January 31, it will still be considered.

Can letters of support have electronic signatures?

Yes, electronic, typed, and scanned signatures are all acceptable.

What if I have more than 12 pages of information to submit?

Only 12 pages of information will be forwarded to the selection panel for consideration. Additional information will be kept on file for research purposes in case the nomination is successful, but it will not be considered as part of the selection process. If you are submitting more than 12 pages of information, please indicate which pages you want forwarded to the selection panel.

What if I am unable to type my nomination?

If you are unable to type your nomination, please contact the Hall of Fame for assistance prior to the nomination deadline. We can assist nominators by typing handwritten pages.

What happens if my nomination is not successful?

Any nominee who has been considered, but not elected by the Selection Committee, shall remain eligible for consideration and election for a total of five years, and then will be removed from consideration for three years minimum, after which they are eligible to be nominated again.

What if I want to nominate someone who is already an active nominee?

If you believe that your nominee may already be an active nomination (previously nominated, but not yet successful and still eligible for consideration), please contact us for confirmation. We will give nominators the opportunity to connect with other nominators in order to consolidate information for the best possible nomination.

Can I update an active nomination that I previously submitted?

Yes, contact us any time before the January 31 deadline to update an active nomination.

How does the selection process work?

The Selection Policy and Procedure Manual, linked here, outlines our process for selection and induction.

What achievements should a successful nominee have?

The eligibility criteria for each category of inductee are listed here, and the Selection Policy and Procedure Manual includes a list of nine additional criteria that the Selection Panel and Committee use when considering nominees.

For any questions regarding nominations, please contact Shane Mailman: / 902-404-3339