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Golf Ontario – Garrett Rank wins the Investors Group Men’s Mid-Am with a hat-trick after his week at the U.S. Open

Burlington, Ontario –It’s not every day that a Canadian NHL Referee Qualifies for the U.S. Open and plays with the pros. What’s even more spectacular, is after the extraordinary experience of playing last week at Shinnecock Hills Golf Club in the U.S. Open, NHL Hockey Referee Garrett Rank from Elmira Golf Club came home to Ontario to win a provincial championship.

Bunker took home the Mid-Masters Championship (40-years and older division), he placed T2, 69-67-72 in the Championship.

Garrett Rank, an NHL referee, was a member of Golf Canada’s National Men’s Team from 2012-2014, and 2018 U.S. Open qualifier.  He also golfed with Team Canada in the Pan American Games in 2015, as well as winning the Investors Group Men’s Mid-Amateur Championship in 2015. He had a hat-trick at the Canadian Mid-Amateur championship, winning it three times in a row and finished runner-up in the 2012 U.S. Mid-Am. Winning the Canadian Mid-Am got him a ticket to three RBC Canadian Opens, making the cut in 2016.

The cool temperatures out on the course allowed for high-scoring from competitors during the first two rounds of the Championship, but the conditions for the 3rd round of the Championship were windy, so no 63’s or 64’s were had. 

When asked about the playing conditions today on the course, Garrett Rank remarked that the wind was the reason that no course records were had during the final round of the Championship “It was dead calm the last two days so it played a lot easier, and then with the wind today it was tricky …Had a couple shots spin up into the wind, and come up short, and then misjudged the wind a few times … so the wind out here coming off the lake changes the golf course for sure.

Garrett Rank who went 64-64-70 was in first place after every round this week and went into day 3 feeling confident.  His brother, Kyle Rank who recently caddied for him after he qualified for the U.S. Open finished T5 with 67-67-71.  During the first round, Garrett Rank tied what was at that time the Burlington Golf and Country Club course record – 64.

Garrett Rank started the first round of the week with 32 on the front 9, he had 3 birdies. He finished off the round with 32 on the back nine, with 4 birdies and a bogey (-6) 64.  During the second round, he started with 31 which included 3 birdies, a bogey and an eagle. He finished off the round by shooting 33 with two birdies (-6) 64.  Garrett Rank started the final round (+1) 36 on the front nine, with two bogies and a birdie, and finished with a birdie on the 12th hole for (-1) 34. He finished the round at par 70.

After finishing in 1st place after all 3 rounds played at the Burlington Golf and Country Club, Garrett Rank finished with a total of 198 over 3 days, finishing 12 under par 64-64-70.  After the first round of the Investors Group Men’s Mid-Am Championship, Garrett Rank was informed by Burlington Golf and Country Club staff that he had tied the course record with a (-6) 64, which made topping the leaderboard an even better accomplishment.

“Anytime you can come and play in a provincial championship, and at the end of the day have a good day, being the clubhouse leader is something special. You play golf all year long to put yourself in these positions. Coming off a little bit of a disappointment but a great opportunity and a great week at the US Open, it was great to come here and shoot a great score!” – Garrett Rank

The next day, Garrett finished (-6) 64 once again, but this time, the course record was beaten by Stephen Brown of Sarnia Golf and Curling Club with (-7) 63.

Knowing that the course record had been set the day before at (-6) 64, Brown knew he was in a good position to make a course record when he was finishing up his round “It kinda happened late in the round, I was two-under on the back nine, had a couple birdies, birdied 3 and 6, and was four-under with 4 holes left, and I was like, okay maybe birdie one or two more and I’ll be in a good spot for tomorrow. I had an eagle and one birdie and all of a sudden I was seven-under and I had one hole left, and … I didn’t have time to think about it … I guess that’s how you get to 63” – Stephen Brown

Stephen Brown finished the championship with a three-part tie for T2 with Patrick Forbes from Bayview Golf and Country Club, and Dave Bunker of Brampton Golf Club. Stephen Brown, Patrick Forbes, and Dave Bunker played 3 playoff holes teeing off from 18 twice, then 17 to determine who would be joining Garrett Rank at the Canadian Mid-Amateur Championship in August. After a course record the day before, Brown lost the playoff round to Patrick Forbes and Dave Bunker.  The playoff round decided the Ontario team for the Canadian Mid-Amateur Championship in August, which will consist of Garrett Rank, Dave Bunker, and Patrick Forbes.

Garrett Rank joins other past multiple champions of the Investors Group Men’s Mid-Amateur Championship who include Dave

Bunker of Brampton Golf Club (2007, 2010, 2014), Peter McCarthy of Rosedale Golf Club (2006, 2008), Stu Hamilton of Brampton Golf Club (1993, 1998) and now Garrett Rank of Elmira Golf Club (2015, 2018).

About the Investors Group Ontario Men’s Mid-Amateur Championship

The Investors Group Ontario Men’s Mid-Amateur championship is a 54-hole competition featuring Ontario’s best golfers age 25 and older that have gained entry into the event through one of nine qualifying tournaments or an exemption. Competitors age 40 and over also compete for the Ontario Men’s Mid-Master division trophy. Contested annually since 1993, past champions of the event include Ontario Golf Hall of Fame members Stu Hamilton and Kelly Roberts, Dave Bunker, Graham Hill and Drew Symons.

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Results for contest Overall:
 1    Garrett Rank          64-64-70--198 -12 
 T2   Patrick Forbes        70-68-70--208 -2  
 T2   Dave Bunker           69-67-72--208 -2  
 T2   Stephen Brown         73-63-72--208 -2  
 T5   Kyle Rank             67-71-71--209 -1  
 T5   Peter Sauerbrei       68-65-76--209 -1  
 7    Ryan Tsang            72-70-68--210 E   
 8    Jeffrey Clarke        72-68-71--211 +1  
 T9   Eric Ross             71-73-68--212 +2  
 T9   David Lang            72-70-70--212 +2  
 T9   Marc St-Germain       70-69-73--212 +2  
 T12  Mike Dinner           71-69-73--213 +3  
 T12  Sean Kennedy          71-68-74--213 +3  
 T14  Tyler McDannold       67-76-71--214 +4  
 T14  Derek Dalziel         72-69-73--214 +4  
 T14  Adam Migur            69-71-74--214 +4  
 T14  Gavin Smith           68-70-76--214 +4  
 T14  Charles Fitzsimmons   71-67-76--214 +4  
 T19  Steven Houle          73-71-71--215 +5  
 T19  Darren Shaw           71-72-72--215 +5  
 T19  Tyler Stone           68-73-74--215 +5  
 T19  Gregory Goad          71-67-77--215 +5  
 T23  Mark Armstrong        73-71-72--216 +6  
 T23  Peter McCarthy        73-70-73--216 +6  
 T25  Gary Young            75-70-72--217 +7  
 T25  Jonathan Ross         72-71-74--217 +7  
 T25  Matthew Ion Young     73-69-75--217 +7  
 T28  Ryan Verrette         70-74-74--218 +8  
 T28  Nic Mazze             71-72-75--218 +8  
 T28  Ashley Chinner        71-67-80--218 +8  
 31   John Finley           69-71-79--219 +9  
 32   Paul Sobottka         71-72-77--220 +10 
 T33  Rob Cowan             76-69-76--221 +11 
 T33  Robert Gibson         74-71-76--221 +11 
 T33  T.J. Rule             72-72-77--221 +11 
 T33  Mark Pothier          73-71-77--221 +11 
 T33  Daniel DiFrancesco    71-73-77--221 +11 
 T38  Arjun Walia           75-73-74--222 +12 
 T38  Brian Cahill          76-70-76--222 +12 
 T38  Drew Symons           71-73-78--222 +12 
 T41  Ian Frauts            74-75-74--223 +13 
 T41  Robert McCracken      74-74-75--223 +13 
 T41  Philip Arci           78-70-75--223 +13 
 T41  Peter Johns           73-74-76--223 +13 
 T41  Mark Henderson        76-71-76--223 +13 
 T41  Ryan Kings            72-73-78--223 +13 
 T41  Mike Kray             70-75-78--223 +13 
 T48  Mike Currie           75-71-78--224 +14 
 T48  Cam Burke             74-71-79--224 +14 
 T48  Tim Lew               73-73-78--224 +14 
 T48  Ranga Sugathapala     73-72-79--224 +14 
 T52  Jason Buliga          72-77-76--225 +15 
 T52  Steve Fredericks      70-73-82--225 +15 
 T54  Matt Skipp            78-71-78--227 +17 
 T54  Peter Willis          74-72-81--227 +17 
 T56  Doug Mirrlees         76-72-80--228 +18 
 T56  Drew Mayhew           76-72-80--228 +18 
 58   Joe Rinker            72-76-81--229 +19 
 59   Michael Forbes        76-72-82--230 +20 
 T60  Robert Crifo          78-70-83--231 +21 
 T60  Robert Favaro         74-73-84--231 +21 


 MC   Drew Dempster         77-73-0--150 +10  
 MC   John Husband          78-72-0--150 +10  
 MC   Kevin Duda            80-70-0--150 +10  
 MC   Ryan Mcinerney        76-74-0--150 +10  
 MC   Jake Adams            80-70-0--150 +10  
 MC   Michael Bondy         72-78-0--150 +10  
 MC   Michael Farrugia      73-77-0--150 +10  
 MC   Alex Morren           72-78-0--150 +10  
 MC   Christian McCullough  74-77-0--151 +11  
 MC   Matthew Sim           74-77-0--151 +11  
 MC   Tim Lee               74-77-0--151 +11  
 MC   Jason Bazarkewich     71-80-0--151 +11  
 MC   Lars Melander         75-76-0--151 +11  
 MC   David Gamble          76-75-0--151 +11  
 MC   Ben Snaidero          73-79-0--152 +12  
 MC   Chris Willis          73-79-0--152 +12  
 MC   Howard Glassman       78-74-0--152 +12  
 MC   Andrew Lisson         79-73-0--152 +12  
 MC   David Field           76-76-0--152 +12  
 MC   Jack Doty             76-76-0--152 +12  
 MC   Brandon McGregor      79-73-0--152 +12  
 MC   Eric Velanoff         75-77-0--152 +12  
 MC   Michael Tanaka        76-76-0--152 +12  
 MC   Scott Hickerson       75-78-0--153 +13  
 MC   Marc Savard           77-76-0--153 +13  
 MC   Ernie Vettese         76-77-0--153 +13  
 MC   Martijn Williams      77-76-0--153 +13  
 MC   Michael Rutgers       82-71-0--153 +13  
 MC   Xuechen Yu            79-74-0--153 +13  
 MC   Jeff Simpson          79-74-0--153 +13  
 MC   Chris Gerrie          74-79-0--153 +13  
 MC   Dave Mills            80-74-0--154 +14  
 MC   William Deley         79-75-0--154 +14  
 MC   Tyler Kasubeck        78-76-0--154 +14  
 MC   Dan Kavanagh          75-79-0--154 +14  
 MC   David Greenaway       76-78-0--154 +14  
 MC   Alan Sandercock       77-77-0--154 +14  
 MC   Geoff Lang            78-77-0--155 +15  
 MC   Brad McConnell        77-78-0--155 +15  
 MC   Mike Parsons          78-77-0--155 +15  
 MC   Steve Stanlick        81-74-0--155 +15  
 MC   Raymond Oh            81-74-0--155 +15  
 MC   Chris Frook           81-74-0--155 +15  
 MC   Scott Taylor          79-77-0--156 +16  
 MC   Dean Weber            77-79-0--156 +16  
 MC   Jared Bell            78-78-0--156 +16  
 MC   Allen Chapman         81-76-0--157 +17  
 MC   John MacBain          78-79-0--157 +17  
 MC   Wade Brackenbury      82-75-0--157 +17  
 MC   Bryan Francis         78-79-0--157 +17  
 MC   Jim Briggs            82-75-0--157 +17  
 MC   Anthony DeMizio       79-78-0--157 +17  
 MC   Darryl Whitford       77-81-0--158 +18  
 MC   Mike Ward             82-76-0--158 +18  
 MC   Greg Warnica          82-76-0--158 +18  
 MC   Mike Woodhouse        80-78-0--158 +18  
 MC   Christopher Kostoff   81-78-0--159 +19  
 MC   Richard Evoy          76-83-0--159 +19  
 MC   John Murphy           80-80-0--160 +20  
 MC   Eric Henderson        80-80-0--160 +20  
 MC   Kerry Short           82-79-0--161 +21  
 MC   Philip Palmer         81-80-0--161 +21  
 MC   Jeff Larcina          80-83-0--163 +23  
 MC   Jay Skukowski         81-82-0--163 +23  
 MC   Ty McMillan           84-79-0--163 +23  
 MC   Craig Ferns           83-81-0--164 +24  
 MC   Jaden Gates           82-83-0--165 +25  
 MC   Mark Ritcey           78-87-0--165 +25  
 MC   Ken Watson            85-81-0--166 +26  
 MC   Bill Lipsett          78-88-0--166 +26  
 MC   Ken Brace             81-85-0--166 +26  
 MC   Dan Findlay           85-82-0--167 +27  
 MC   David MacKinnon       81-86-0--167 +27  
 MC   Zachary Bankuti       85-82-0--167 +27  
 MC   Philip Pothier        85-84-0--169 +29  
 MC   Greg Colling          84-86-0--170 +30  
 MC   Rob Caissie           83-90-0--173 +33  
 MC   Terry Condon          90-96-0--186 +46  
 WD   Mark Elgner           70-77-0--147 +7   
 WD   Brad Wadsworth        76-73-0--149 +9   
 WD   Steve Isbell          81-0-0--81 +11    
 NS   Rick Robinson         75-74-0--149 +9   
 NS   Matthew Girotti       82-0-0--82 +12