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FAEQ – Mont-Tremblant, March 16, 2017 – Inspired by other long-distance cycling challenges, ultra-marathons, and the popularity of ultra-cycling in North America and Europe, the Défi 808 Bonneville, on behalf of the Foundation for Athletic Excellence, has organized a new road cycling challenge in Mont-Tremblant, one that will give participants a chance to truly push their limits. The objective is an 808-kilometre ride in the Upper Laurentian region on September 22, 23 and 24, 2017. Registration is open now at

The Foundation for Athletic Excellence is organizing the project and will award scholarships from the proceeds of this new fundraiser. “Our mission, combined with more than 30 years of experience developing and managing scholarship programs, leads us to set the ambitious goal of awarding $1.5 million annually in individual bursaries in 2020 and assisting nearly 525 student-athletes with our grant program and guidance services,” said the Foundation’s president Claude Chagnon. “This is a new undertaking for our organization. Today we launch our first participatory sporting event, open to the general population. We feel certain it will help us achieve our goals.”

The Défi 808 Bonneville offers a unique experience to cyclists of all calibres who want to take part in a long-distance ride, either solo or in teams of two to four participants. The challenge is a 404-km loop with the Tremblant Resort as its hub. The Mont-Tremblant region is renowned as a superb environment for cycling and triathlons. The 808 challenge is based on sections of route averaging 100 km each, to be done in relays (participants riding in teams) or solo. Cyclists will enjoy discovering the landscapes and the challenges of sinuous roads in the Upper Laurentians; during the daytime and nighttime hours of the ride, they will pedal through more than 15 municipalities. With this event, participants and the Foundation are united in their goal to support the academic, athletic and professional success of student-athletes.

To make the event accessible to a vast number of athletes and road-biking enthusiasts, the Défi 808 Bonneville offers two distances and several formats designed to provide a customized experience:

Options / 2017 Défi 808 Bonneville

Solo 808 km – Ultimate Challenge
Solo 404 km – Endurance Challenge

Team 808 km, 2 cyclists, relays every 100 km
Team 808 km, 4 cyclists, relays every 100 km

Team 404 km, 2 cyclists, relays every 100 km
Team 404 km, 4 cyclists, relays every 100 km

Dany Bonneville – President and founder of the Défi 808 Bonneville
A Quebec entrepreneur, dedicated philanthropist and fervent athlete, Dany Bonneville is co-president of Industries Bonneville, a jewel of Quebec industry for 55 years. He has met a number of major sporting challenges in his life, competing in five Ironman events and numerous ultra-cycling competitions, such as the prestigious Furnace Creek 508 and SilverState 508, when he rode more than 800 km solo in 37 straight hours (without sleep!). “I adore all extreme challenges and I use them to encourage my family, friends, employees and business partners to make sports and healthy habits a part of their daily lives. I believe that the Défi 808 Bonneville formula will allow everyone to choose a challenge customized to their needs and abilities,” said Bonneville, who has also been active for the past decade in several major organizations, including Opération Enfant Soleil and the Heart & Stroke Foundation.

With this new undertaking, Bonneville is proudly convinced that he is making a difference not only in the academic and athletic lives of Foundation’s scholarship recipients, but also in the daily lives of many participants. He wants to help the Foundation with one of its objectives, which is to establish athletic and academic role models who will inspire youths and tomorrow’s adults.

Dedicated sponsors and partners
For the first edition, the Défi 808 Bonneville organizing committee already enjoys the backing of numerous sponsors in support of the project and its goals. Fenplast is the Official Event Presenter; Produits Neptune, Samson Groupe Conseil and Industries Bonneville are sponsors of different sections of the circuit; SS Lacasse is the Official Sportswear Supplier; Cycle Néron will be the Official Cycling Boutique; and PowerWatts will be the Official Training Centre for the Défi 808 Bonneville.

About the Foundation for Athletic Excellence
The Foundation has made a name for itself with a personalized approach, a rigorous management style and its influence in the sports and education circles. In 2017, the Foundation will award $1,350,000 in bursaries to over 475 student-athletes and encourage the conciliation of school and high-performance sports. The Foundation works with partners and former scholarship recipients to promote academic, athletic and professional success.

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Pierre Dubé
Strategic advisor, partner relations, FAEQ
Organizing committee member, Défi 808 Bonneville