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The Sport Information Resource Centre

Ottawa, Canada : Today, Elite NeuroKinetix and Football Canada, the national governing body for Canadian football, are pleased to announce a new partnership agreement intended to make football safer for athletes across the country. This partnership represents the mutual interest of both organizations to promote a culture of safety and injury prevention throughout the Canadian football community.    As an Official Partner, Elite NeuroKinetix will work with Football Canada, as well as provincial and local governing bodies, to bring its expertise in injury-prevention, research and athlete development directly to amateur football athletes, beginning in the 2020 off-season. This partnership will be developed via the NeuroProtection Project (NP2), a research arm of Elite NeuroKinetix. The NP2 team at Elite NeuroKinetix will conduct player risk assessments and risk-monitoring, will develop data-informed interventions and guidelines for player safety, and will collaborate with coaches to decrease exposure to head impacts among football players. The objective for this partnership is to use an innovative, safety-driven approach to continue to support optimal development among amateur football athletes.    Pamela Champagne, Elite NeuroKinetix CEO, said “We are thrilled to be partnering with Football Canada via the NeuroProtection Project. We are always eager to work with organizations that share our values and our commitment to prioritizing safety and making safer football accessible to all athletes. This partnership is an important milestone for Elite NeuroKinetix as it marks the beginning of a sustainable relationship with Football Canada to collectively deliver innovative solutions, backed by research operations and advancements in technology, that unlock the full potential of all athletes and future community leaders.”

“The NeuroProtection Project provides a science-based evaluation process focused on football technique and personal safety,” said Football Canada President Jim Mullin. “The NP2 team at Elite NeuroKinetix shares an understanding and passion of the values of our game. Their research and evaluation tools provide Football Canada and our members the data to continue to grow confidence in the game every time a player steps on the field.” The hope is that this partnership, referred to as “The NeuroProtection Project in partnership with Football Canada”, will expand the tools available to athletes, coaches, parents and sport organizations to promote safer play. This unique and innovative approach to improving safety in Canadian football will allow amateur football players to stay healthy and enjoy the benefits of the sport over their long-term development. Through this partnership, all football players across Canada will have access to new research-based methods and technologies that help them learn how to engage in safer contact, reduce their risk of head injury and become better players. 


About Elite NeuroKinetix ( NeuroKinetix helps athletes become better and safer players.Elite NeuroKinetix offers a solution that integrates athletic performance and injury prevention into the practice and play of contact sport. Our model aims to improve training practices to promote safer playing fields. We do this by giving community stakeholders like coaches, athletes, parents, access to resources that improve coaching practices and minimize exposure to repetitive head impacts.As a team, we are proud to combine our expertise in science, coaching, long-term athlete development, and injury prevention to maximize the athlete experience and reduce the risk of head injury. We strive to optimize performance through safety in contact sports while encouraging community stakeholder to get involved in sports at every level.
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About Football Canada
Established in 1884, Football Canada is the national governing body of amateur football in Canada and a proud member of the International Federation of American Football (IFAF). Working closely with the provincial football associations, we develop programs and resources for players, coaches, officials in the three disciplines of Tackle, Flag and Touch Football. Football Canada’s vision statement is “from playground to stadium” where players can participate in the game of football throughout a lifetime recreationally, competitively and internationally. 

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Vanisha Mistry, Communications Coordinator 613-564-0003