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U SPORTS – SHERBROOKE, Que. (U SPORTS) – After three days of competition at the Sherbrooke University Sports Centre, the UBC Thunderbirds won top honours in almost all women’s and men’s events, winning both competitions in front of the University of Toronto, University of  Montreal and University of Calgary.

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The third and last evening of finals was the most exciting, with eight records set in 12 events. The 100m freestyle rendered the same results as the 50m freestyle, with the Mainville siblings of the Montreal Carabins winning double awards, and a new record for Sandrine set with a time of 52.62. Yuri Kisil of UBC torpedoed through the pool towards his fifth gold medal, with a new record of 46.94.

The 200m backstroke was another exciting event, with a third record set in as many events for Kylie Masse of Toronto, who shattered the mark by nearly four seconds, with a time of 2:02.80. Markus Thormeyer of UBC, meanwhile, crushed the 1997 U SPORTS Championship record with a time of 1:54.48 for his sixth medal.

The 400m freestyle champions – Danica Ludlow of the Calgary Dinos and Eric Hedlin of the University of Victoria – confirmed their long distance dominance by winning the 800m and 1500m respectively, with Hedlin smashing the record by 10 seconds in a time of 14:42.99.

The Thunderbirds continued to dominate the pool with two gold medals in the 200m medley and a new record of 2:08.09 for Erika Seltenreich-Hodgson, as well as the 50m breaststroke, while Warren Mayer exploded from seventh to first place, with a time of 27.32, only one tenth of a second off the record. Finally, the Thunderbirds confirmed their championship title with a breathtaking finish, winning the women’s and men’s 4x100m medley relay and establishing two new records – 3:58.66 for the women and 3:32.36 for the men.


An impressive total of 20 new records were broken over the weekend, of which 14 were in individual events, and six in relays. In addition, two Canadian records were established by UBC athletes.

Top honours

Swimmers Kylie Masse of Toronto and Yuri Kisil of UBC were named the Women’s and Men’s Swimmers of the Year, with the highest number of points at the end of the Championships.

“It’s amazing! It is a great honour to be able to win this award among all the excellent swimmers who have delivered great performances throughout the weekend,” said Kisil. “It’s a privilege – I had a lot of fun! Although I am a little surprised at this share of medals.”

Rookie of the year honours were awarded to Ingrid Wilm and Markus Thormeyer, both of the UBC Thunderbirds.

Other honours were:

  • Student-Athlete Community Service Award (W) : Rachel Patterson, Brock University
  • Student Athlete Community Service Award (M): Jagdeesh Uppal, Trinity Western University
  • Coach of the Year, women’s team: Pierre Lamy, University of Montreal Carabins
  • Coach of the Year, men’s team: Steve Price, UBC Thunderbirds

Medal count

Without surprise, the UBC Thunderbirds took home the most medals with a total of 38, including 13 gold medals, far ahead of the Toronto Varsity Blues and the University of Montreal Carabins. Half of the UBC medals were won by the three main men of the competition: Yuri Kisil with six gold medals, Markus Thormeyer, with six medals including four gold, and Coleman Allen with five medals. On the women’s side, the winner is Erika Seltenreich-Hodgson of the Thunderbirds, with seven medals, five of them gold, one more than Katerine Savard of the Montreal Carabins.



1. UBC 726.5 points
2. Montreal 474
3. Toronto 415.5
4. Calgary 378
5. Alberta 241
6. Regina 182.5
7. Laval 154.5
8. McMaster 116
9. McGill 109
10. Western 102.5
11. Dalhousie 88.5
12. Manitoba 69
13. Guelph 61
14. Victoria 54
15. UQAM 48.5
16. Memorial 31
17. Laurentian 28
18. Wilfrid Laurier 26.5
19. Ottawa 24
20. Brock 22
21. Waterloo 18
22. Sherbrooke 16
23. Lethbridge 10
24. Mount Allison 5

Men (Nelson C. Hart Trophy)

1. UBC 744.5 points
2. Toronto 567.5
3. Calgary 405
4. Western 286
5. Alberta 234.5
6. Montréal 190
7. Victoria 141
8. Laval 131
9. Regina 120
10. Ottawa 106.5
11. McGill 106
12. Guelph 90
13. Sherbrooke 86
14. Dalhousie 56
15. Laurentian 42.5
16. McMaster 31
17. Waterloo 25
18. Lethbridge 11.5
19. Acadia 9
20. UNB 7
21. Queen’s 5
22. Mount Allison 4
      Manitoba 4
24. Brock 3
25. York 1


(U SPORTS Championships record)

Women 800m freestyle
1. Danica Ludlow, Calgary, 8:31,75
2. Megan Dalke, UBC, 8:35,77
3. Callin Hodge, Laval, 8:38,18

Men 50m breaststroke
1. Warren Mayer, UBC, 27,32
2. Nick Kostiuk, Alberta, 27,35
3. Eli Wall, Toronto, 27,69
Women 50m breaststroke
1. Tianna Rissling, Calgary, 30,98
2. Kelsey Wog, Manitoba, 30,99
3. Erin Stamp, UBC, 31,07

Men 200m back
1. Markus Thormeyer, UBC, 1:54,48 (U SPORTS Championships record)
2. Josiah Binnema, Alberta, 1:55,46
3. Robert Hill, Calgary, 1:55,88

Women 200m back
1. Kylie Masse, Toronto, 2:02,80 (U SPORTS Championships record)
2. Ingrid Wilm, UBC, 2:07,39
3. Emily Anzai, Guelph, 2:10,21
Men 100m freestyle
1. Yuri Kisil, UBC, 46,94 (U SPORTS Championships record and sprinter’s Cup winner)
2. Scott McGillivray, Toronto, 48,20
3. Evan Van Moerkerke, Guelph, 48,44
Women 100m freestyle
1. Sandrine Mainville, Montréal, 52,62 (U SPORTS Championships record and sprinter’s Cup winner)
2. Ariane Mainville, Montréal, 54,72
3. Charis Huddle, Western, 55,21

Men 200m IM
1.Jonathan Brown, UBC, 1:57,90
2. Montana Champagne, Ottawa, 1:57,93
3. David Riley, Western, 1:59,22

Women 200m IM
1. Erika Seltenreich-Hodgson, UBC, 2:08,09 (U SPORTS Championships record)
2. Kylie Masse, Toronto, 2:08,36
3. Kelsey Wog, Manitoba, 2:12,10
Men 1500m freestyle
1. Eric Hedlin, Victoria, 14:42,99 (U SPORTS Championships record)
2. Peter Brothers, Calgary, 15:11,72
3. Hau-Li Fan, UBC, 15:14,78.

Women 4 x 100m relay IM
1. UBC, 3:58,66 ((U SPORTS Championships record and Canadian club record)
(Ingrid Wilm, Jacomie Strydom, Erin Stamp, Erika Seltenreich-Hodgson)
2. Montréal, 4:01.77
(Ariane Mainville, Katerine Savard, Marie-Soleil Jean-Lachapelle, Sandrine Mainville)
3. Toronto, 4:02,95
(Kylie Masse, Hannah Genich, Rachael Parsons, Olivia Sbaraglia)

Men 4 x 100m relay IM
1. UBC, 3:32,36 (record des champ. U SPORTS)
(Markus Thormeyer, Coleman Allen, Warren Mayer, Yuri Kisil)
2. Toronto, 3:35,80
(Kyle Haas, Matthew Dans, Eli Wall, Scott McGillivray)
3. Alberta, 3:37,79
(Josiah Binnema, Bjoern-Ole, Nick Kostiuk, Caleb Vander Leek)


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