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Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada – OTTAWA, ON:  Sunday, November 20, 2016  Finishing the tournament with over 35 medals:  13 gold, 12 silver and 12 bronze – and 14 fourth place finishes,  Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada is pleased to congratulate our Canadian athletes on a very successful 2016 Pan American Championships, held in Mexico, November 14-20, 2016.  Team Canada also won the Overall Team Title. 

Congratulations to our 2016 Pan American Water Ski Championship athletes. 

The Open and U21 Divisions completed Slalom, Trick and Jump this weekend with results as follows:

U21 Ladies Trick Results:
Chantal Singer GOLD
Geneva Roach – 8th

U21 Men Trick Results:
Cole McCormick – BRONZE
Thomas Daigle – 6th

U21 Ladies Slalom Results:
Geneva Roach – BRONZE
Chantal Singer – 5th

U21 Men Slalom Results:
Cole McCormick – GOLD
Thomas Daigle – 6th

U21 Ladies Jump Results:
Geneva Roach – 4th

U21 Men Jump Results:
Cole McCormick – SILVER
Thomas Daigle – BRONZE

Open Ladies Trick Results:
Neilly Ross – SILVER
Whitney McClintock – BRONZE
Taryn Grant – 8th

Open Men Trick Results:
Dorien Llewellyn – GOLD
Alex Paradis – 10th

Open Ladies Slalom Results:
Whitney McClintock GOLD
Taryn Grant BRONZE
Neilly Ross – 4th

Open Men Slalom Results:
Jason McClintock SILVER
Dorien Llewellyn – 4th
Alex Paradis – 14th

Open Ladies Jump Results:
Taryn Grant – SILVER
Whitney McClintock – BRONZE

Open Men Jump Results:
Dorien Llewellyn – 5th
Alex Paradis – 6th

U21 Ladies OVERALL:|
Geneva Roach – 4th

Cole McCormick – SILVER
Thomas Daigle – 4th

Open Ladies OVERALL:|
Whitney McClintock – GOLD
Taryn Grant – 4th

Dorien Llewellyn – SILVER
Alex Paradis  – 4th

Earlier this week, the U13, U17, 35+ and 45+ teams completed and the results for our Canadian skiers are as follows:

U13 Girls:
Olivia Chute, Slalom, 7th  – Trick 6th

U13 Boys:
Christopher Horwood, Slalom 4th – Tricks 6th – Jump 5th – Overall 5th
Jonathan Horwood, Slalom 5th – Tricks 5th – Jump 4th – Overall 4th
Evan Kraus, Slalom 8th – Tricks 11th – Jump 7th – Overall 6th

U17 Girls:
Paige Rini, Slalom GOLD – Tricks SILVER – Jump 6th – Overall BRONZE
Neilly Ross, Slalom SILVER – Tricks GOLD
Dominique Allard 5th – Tricks 7th – Jump GOLD – Overall 4th

U17 Boys:
Conley Pinette, Slalom 7th – Tricks 5th – Jump GOLD – Overall SILVER

35+ Women:
Kristy Kraus, Slalom SILVER, Tricks BRONZE, Jump GOLD, Overall GOLD

35+ Men:
Peter Peebles, Slalom BRONZE – Tricks 5th – Jump 4th
Richard Abelson, Slalom 6th – Tricks GOLD – Jump 6th
Chuck Kraus, Slalom 8th

45+ Women:
Jo-Anne Moore, Slalom 4th – Tricks BRONZE – Jump BRONZE – Overall BRONZE

45+ Men:
Mark Stevens, Slalom GOLD – Tricks 4th – Jump SILVER
Peter Person, Slalom SILVER – Tricks 6th – Jump 5th
Dick Horwood, Slalom – 5th – Tricks 7th

The team was led by National Team Head Coach Steve Bush and Assistant Coach Jaret Llewellyn.

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