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Commonwealth Games Association of Canada – XXI COMMONWEALTH GAMES

Want to be part of a driven, committed team supporting Canada’s best and NextGen summer athletes in the pursuit of Commonwealth Games glory?  How about doing that Down Under – at the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast, Australia!! 

Commonwealth Games Canada (CGC) is recruiting volunteers for Mission Team positions within the Operations and Communications areas, contributing to the success of the Canadian team competing at the XXI Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.

Mission Team members are committed to following on the guiding principles of our Chef de Mission:


  • EXCELLENCE: facilitating an environment that supports performance excellence for every team member!
  • SERVICE: assuming an attitude of service with initiative – do want needs to be done, when it needs to be done!
  • CELEBRATION: celebrating our team and Commonwealth sport – to spread the word (through social media and word of mouth)!
  • INSPIRATION: enjoying the experience, learn new skills, meet new friends, and be both inspired and inspiring!


Team Canada 2018 Mission Team Leadership

Claire Carver-Dias is the Chef de Mission.  Claire is a Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist, and an Olympic Games Bronze Medalist (Synchronized Swimming), as well as a long time volunteer with both Commonwealth Games Canada and Athletes CAN.  As head of the Canadian delegation, her main responsibility is to lead the Canadian Team to Gold Coast.  Claire’s vision, passion and athlete focus has led to the development of our guiding principles.  Claire will also serve as the Team’s official spokesperson.

David Bedford is CGC’s Executive Director, Team Canada 2018.  David leads the overall Mission Team and as such will be responsible for the Team Headquarters in Gold Coast during the Games.  Prior to the Games, David develops team policies, strategies and tactics, negotiates the team outfitting partnership, and works closely with the Gold Coast Organizing Committee (GOLDOC).

Kelly Laframboise is the Mission Team Leader, Team Operations, whose main responsibility is to coordinate and manage the administrative, logistical and social operations of the Canadian Team, supporting each sport and the other Mission Staff Departments.

Sylvie Bigras is the Director, Communications.  Sylvie has managed communications for Team Canada at many Commonwealth, Olympic and Pan Am Games.  Fluent in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese, Sylvie is well equipped to manage all of the communications needs (media relations, public relations, social media) for Team Canada 2018.

Jane Labreche is CGC’s Mission Team Leader, Coaching and Applied Sport Science.  Jane will provide leadership, guidance and support to the sports as they prepare for best ever performances at the Commonwealth Games.

Dr. Dory Boyer is the Mission Team Leader, Health and Wellbeing (CMO).  Dory’s main focus will be to support team members’ health and wellbeing with an emphasis on preventative strategies in a confidential and positive environment.



To be considered for Team Canada 2018, applicants must be prepared to meet the following time commitments and requirements:

·        Available full-time in Gold Coast from at least March 27 to April 16th, 2018.

·        Available for a weekend (2-3 day) orientation and training session in Toronto or Ottawa, as well as additional meetings and/or conference calls depending on the Games portfolio. (exact dates TBD)

·        Contribute to completing a final report by May 15, 2018.

·        Submit to a volunteer screening process and a complete medical examination.

·        Sign a Team Member Agreement.




·        This is truly the opportunity of a lifetime! Tap into your love of sport, sensitivity to others, energy, enthusiasm and motivation as a member of a dynamic team.

·        Work in a stimulating environment that will test your skills, broaden your horizons, and stretch your creativity.

·        Travel and on-site Games living costs will be covered by CGC.

·        Mission staff will receive a package of Team Canada clothing and supplies.




·        Games Mission Staff experience is an asset. We are looking for the right people who can fit in with a team in which excellence is the norm, not the exception.

·        Priority will be given to those who have shown prior commitment to Commonwealth Games Canada.

·        Bilingualism is an asset and essential in some areas.

·        Candidates must be committed to drug free sport and comply with harassment and ethical conduct policies of CGC.


Application Process and Timelines


·        Submit your application electronically to with your name and area of interest (Operations or Communications) in subject line.

·        DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS is 8:30am ET on Monday, January 30th, 2017.

·        Short-listed candidates will be asked to provide two reference letters from their 3 references noted below. Structured interviews, as necessary, will be conducted in February 2017.

·        Successful candidates will be notified no later than February 28th, 2017.



For more information on the application process please contact:

Kelly Laframboise
Team Operations
Telephone: (613) 244-6868 ext. 222

Mission Team – Operations


CGC is recruiting exceptional individuals for the following areas within Operations area:


1.     Administration – Manages the Village Central Office effectively and efficiently (i.e., housing allocations, towels, sheets, maintenance issues, day passes, meal passes, packing, unpacking, shipping, storage, etc.).


2.     Transportation Services – Ensures that all the Team’s air and ground travel needs are met from the moment the team takes off for the Games to the moment they return to Canada. Facilitates onsite transportation at the Games to all training, competition and special event sites.


3.     Clothing/Staging – Ensures that Team Canada members receive their clothing quickly and efficiently.  This includes all aspects related to clothing distribution: size collection and tracking, sorting, pick ‘n pack, and coordinating the distribution to all Team members.  Some of these duties will take place in Canada and some will take priority during the first few days after arrival at the Games.


4.     Technology – Plan, set up and maintains all required technology and any support needed (i.e., office layout with equipment & networking, installation of equipment drivers, routers, wifi, ensure internet connection, etc.) to be used in Canadian Team Offices.


5.     Athlete Lounge, Team Spirit and Special Events

a.     Manages the Athlete Lounge in the Commonwealth Games village.

b.     Manages team member welcome and orientation programming

c.      Manages the spirit and recognition activities and the overall Village environment for the Canadian Team.

d.     Working in concert with all Mission Staff Departments, serves as a primary contact, resource person and problem solver on-site for all Team members.  The focus will be on support and services in the Athletes Village, activities outside the Village, and facilitating team members’ contacts with friends and family.



Mission Team – Communications

Members of the Communications Team will provide on-site communications support during the Games. Individuals selected for Communications Teams must be capable of fulfilling a variety of roles, including but not limited to:


·        Offering advice to the Director, Communications to support the effective operation of the Team;

·        Generating balanced media coverage about Team Canada;

·        Generating products to promote Canadian accomplishments before, during and after the Games; and,

·        Communications support as required for all members of Team Canada, including athletes, coaches, technical officials, and Mission Staff.


Successful candidates must have extensive experience in the field of communications, particularly journalism and/or media relations. Strong written and oral communication skills are a necessity. Successful candidates must also possess knowledge of amateur sport and the Commonwealth Games. Bilingualism is an asset.


Note, information obtained in the application process is used solely for the purposes of selection to the Mission Team and remains confidential with the Selection Committee.

Name of Candidate:
Home Telephone:
Work Telephone:
Preferred contact number:
Preferred language of communication:

Check your top 3 areas of interest and expertise?


Operations:                                                     Communications





Spirit and Special Events







Languages (Oral, Written and Reading):

(Please highlight the most appropriate number for your skill level: 0 indicates no knowledge, 3 indicates some conversational abilities, 5 indicates fluent)


ENGLISH:       Oral                 0          1          2          3          4          5

                        Written             0          1          2          3          4          5

                        Reading           0          1          2          3          4          5


FRENCH:        Oral                 0          1          2          3          4          5

                        Written             0          1          2          3          4          5

                        Reading           0          1          2          3          4          5



Please highlight all items that apply:

A.     Former Commonwealth Games athlete

B.     Former Commonwealth Games Canada Mission Staff member (indicate year(s) ______________________________)

C.    Commonwealth Games Canada volunteer (highlight capacity: Board member, Member-at-large, Committee member)___________________________________________________

D.    National Sport Organization or Multi Sport/Service Organization volunteer or staff member (please indicate organization, year(s) and position)________________________________




Please indicate your experience:

In answering the following questions, please ensure that you consider the specific areas (from above) in which you have interest in working (i.e., Operations-Transportation; Communications-Media Attaché)


Previous multi-sport Games experience:




Sport background:




Event experience:




Experience as a journalist and/or communications professional (only required if applying for Communications)





Please answer the questions below (in point form):


1.     Why do you wish to be a volunteer for Commonwealth Games Canada and a member of Team Canada?



2.    What does success look like for you as a Mission Staff member?



3.    What do you believe to be the 3 most important skills for a Mission Staff volunteer to possess and why?



4.    What are the unique attributes that you will contribute to the effectiveness of the team?



5.    What will you do to contribute to a sense of community within the team while at the Commonwealth Games?



6.    How will you positively promote the team, the Commonwealth Games and the Commonwealth Sport movement in the lead up to, during and following the Games?



7.    Please provide an example from a previous major event which identifies an issue you encountered, what action you took, and what results you achieved?



8.   If applying for technology, please provide specific examples that helps demonstrate your IT knowledge within an environment like this.



9.   Is there anything we have not asked that you feel would be relevant to your application for Mission Staff?






Please provide the names and contact details for three (3) references whom Commonwealth Games Canada can contact as part of this selection process.


1.     Name ___________________________________________________________

Address _________________________________________________________     

Phone number (Home) ___________________  (Work) ____________________

      E-mail ___________________________________________________________



2.     Name ___________________________________________________________

Address _________________________________________________________     

Phone number (Home) ___________________  (Work) ____________________

      E-mail ___________________________________________________________



3.     Name ___________________________________________________________

Address _________________________________________________________     

Phone number (Home) ___________________  (Work) ____________________

      E-mail ___________________________________________________________





Deadline for applying is 8:30am ET, Monday, January 30th, 2017.