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Canadian Sport Tourism Alliance – The Canadian Sport Tourism Alliance (CSTA)’s newest tool is now available for use by National Sport Organizations (NSO). The NSO Bid Evaluation Model (NBEM), developed with the support of the Canadian Olympic Committee’s NSF Enhancement Initiative, will assist the decision-making process for NSOs considering an international event bid proposal and application for Federal funding. It allows an NSO to quickly assess the fit between the rights holder obligations, the community/country’s assets and the NSO, and highlights the associated resources and deficiencies of the bid. It can be used for both small and large international hosting opportunities that fall under Sport Canada’s Federal Policy for Hosting International Sport Events.

The NBEM provides a consistent, quantified assessment of the relative suitability of entering the bidding process for a particular event for an NSO at a given point in time. It contains six sequential modules that each ask a series of questions. Each question requires the user to determine if the answer is a Go or a No/Go response. To move forward requires an affirmative response. A No/Go response leads to another set of questions to determine if the identified gap can be filled.

The six modules of the NBEM cover:

  1. Competitive Context
  2. NSO Support
  3. Event Expertise
  4. Federal Government Support
  5. Financial Considerations; and
  6. Legacy.

The NBEM is a companion piece to other CSTA tools available to members. Other complimentary tools include:  Community Bid Evaluation Model, Business Plan Template; STEAM2.0, Sport Event Marketing Template; Sustainable Sport Event Template; and Capital Scope of Work Template.

The NBEM and other tools are available on a complimentary basis to NSOs through the Members Only section of the CSTA website.

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