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Curling Canada – STRATFORD, Ont. — The all-stars and other award winners at the 2016 Canadian Junior Men’s and Women’s Curling Championships, presented by Egg Farmers of Ontario, were announced on Friday at the awards banquet at the Stratford Rotary Complex.


(determined by shooting percentages during the round robin)

First Team
Skip — Sarah Daniels, B.C. (81 per cent)
Third — Marika Van Osch, B.C. (86 per cent)
Second — Megan Moffatt, Alberta (85 per cent)
Lead — Sara Oliver, Manitoba (84 per cent)

Second Team
Skip — Selena Sturmay, Alberta (80 per cent)
Third — Kristin Clarke, Nova Scotia (85 per cent)
Second — Melissa Gordon, Manitoba (84 per cent)
Lead — Hope Sunley, Alberta (84 per cent)

First Team
Skip — Matt Dunstone (90 per cent)
Third — Colton Lott, Manitoba (88 per cent)
Second — Kyle Doering, Manitoba (89 per cent)
Lead — Nick Neufeld, Saskatchewan (86 per cent)

Second Team
Skip — Tanner Horgan, Northern Ontario (89 per cent)
Third — Jason Camm, Ontario (85 per cent)
Second — Matthew Hall, Ontario (87 per cent)
Lead — Curtis Easter, Ontario (87 per cent)

* In the case of a percentage tie, the all-star position goes to the player with the highest plus/minus for the week (a player receives a +1 for every game in which he/she outcurls the positional opponent by five per cent or more). Should they still be tied, the pre-event draw to the button results are used to determine the all-star.

Ken Watson Sportsmanship Awards
(voted by the players)

Women – Chloé McCloskey, Prince Edward Island
Men – Arthur Siksik, Nunavut

Balance Plus Fair Play Awards
(selected by the officials)

Lead — Rob Gordon, Manitoba
Second  — Kyle Barron, Newfoundland/Labrador
Third — Daniel Wenzek, B.C.
Skip — Karsten Sturmay, Alberta
Coach — Benoit Forget, Quebec

Lead — Aleya Quilty, Prince Edward Island
Second — Dez Hawes, B.C.
Third — Christianne West, Nunavut
Skip — Courtney Auld, Ontario
Coach — Michel St-Georges, Quebec

ASHAM National Coaching Awards
(voted by the coaches)

Women – Michel St-Georges, Quebec
Men – Benoit Forget, Quebec

Joan Mead Legacy Awards
(selected by the event officials)
($500 scholarship)

Women – Gabby Molloy, Newfoundland/Labrador
Men – Karsten Sturmay, Alberta

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