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Diving Plongeon Canada – Ottawa, August 1st, 2018 – The 2018 Summer Senior National Diving Championships to be held from August 3rd to 5th in Gatineau will be an excellent opportunity for many up-and-coming divers to make a name for themselves with Canadian fans.
The competition, hosted by Club de plongeon Gatineau in collaboration with Diving Plongeon Canada and Plongeon Québec, will feature 35 athletes hailing from across the country at Centre Sportif Gatineau.
The 16 women and 19 men in contention will compete on 1m, 3m and 10m platform. All three competition days are set to begin at 10 a.m. with two finals scheduled each day: women’s 1m and men’s 3m on Friday, August 3rd; men’s 1m and women’s 10m platform on Saturday, August 4th; and the women’s 3m and men’s 10m on Sunday. Admission is free.
Celina Toth, a member of Canada’s national diving team, will be one to watch. The 26-year-old hailing from St.Thomas, Ontario finished 9thon 10m at this year’s Commonwealth Games and won bronze in the event at last year’s World University Games. She will take part in the 10m event on Saturday.
Another diver to watch will be Peter Thach Mai who won his first international medal on the FINA Grand Prix Circuit in Madrid just a few weeks ago. Peter is also defending national champion on the 3m springboard.
Ten athletes who recently competed at the FINA World Junior Diving Championships in Kiev, Russia will also be taking part. Of the ten, keep an eye on Ottawa’s Henry McKay and Vaughan Ontario’s Victor Povzner, gold medalists on 3m synchro at the World Juniors and Cedric Fofana, who took bronze in the 3m in the 14-15 age group in Kiev.
McKay will take part in the men’s 1m and 3m events in Gatineau, as will Povzner. Fofana will take part in all three men’s events.
The other world junior athletes returning from Kiev who will be competing in Gatineau this weekend are: Tatiana Conn, Margo Erlam, Mélodie Leclerc, Mia Vallée, Laurent-Gosselin-Paradis, Bryden Hattie and Nathan Zsombor-Murray.
Two athletes will be representing the Gatineau club: Jeremy Déry and Félix Lafortune. McKay represents Nepean-Ottawa. A dozen clubs will be represented at the event with Montreal’s CAMO 12-strong delegation being the largest. 
Here is the complete list of divers taking part in the 2018 Summer Senior National Diving Championships with coach and club listed:


Siobhan Henderson 1M, 3M AGAMI Nick Lachance QC
Marie-Laurence Forest 1M, 3M ARO Olivier Duchesneau QC
Coral Strungnell 1M, 3M BOARDWORKS Tommy McLeod BC
Celina Toth 10M BOARDWORKS Tommy McLeod BC
Tatiana Conn 1M, 3M, 10M CALGARY Charlie Tu AB
Margo Erlam 3M CALGARY Charlie Tu AB
Ashley McCool 3M CALGARY Charlie Tu AB
Eloise Bélanger 1M, 3M CAMO Stéphane Lapointe QC
Simone Leathead 1M, 3M CAMO Stéphane Lapointe QC
Mélodie Leclerc 1M, 10M CAMO Stéphane Lapointe QC
Romane Saito 1M, 3M CAMO Stéphane Lapointe QC
Mia Vallée 3M CAMO Stéphane Lapointe QC
Rebecca Quesnel 10M IND-ON Gilles Emptoz-Lacote ON
Alyssa Clairmont 1M, 3M, 10M REGINA Laura Desautels SK
Elaena Dick 10M TDA Gilles Emptoz-Lacote ON
Aimee Wilson 1M, 3M TDA Gilles Emptoz-Lacote ON


Cédric Fofana 1M, 3M, 10M ARO Stéphane Lapointe QC
Louka Gauthier 1M ARO Dany Boulanger QC
Ryan Grover 1M, 3M BOARDWORKS Tommy McLeod BC
Bryden Hattie 3M, 10M BOARDWORKS Tommy McLeod BC
Vincent Chartier 10M CAMO Stéphane Lapointe QC
Alexandre Corriveau 3M, 10M CAMO Cesar Henderson QC
Gabriel Corriveau 3M, 10M CAMO Stéphane Lapointe QC
Frédéric Gosselin 1M, 3M CAMO Stéphane Lapointe QC
Christophe Gosselin 1M, 3M CAMO Isabelle Cloutier QC
Laurent Gosselin-Paradis 10M CAMO Aaron Dziver QC
Peter Thach Mai 1M, 3M CAMO Cesar Henderson QC
Joshua Inglis 1M, 3M FOREST CITY Lioudmila Zakharenko ON
Jeremy Déry 1M GATINEAU Mélanie Duff QC
Félix Lafortune 1M GATINEAU Mélanie Duff QC
Nicholas Nepomuceno 10M IDIVE Igor Kopecky BC
Henry McKay 1M, 3M NEPEAN-OTTAWA Gilles Emptoz-Lacote ON
Victor Povzner 1M, 3M OPTIMAL Alexander Povzner ON
Nathan Zsombor-Murray 10M PCDC Yihua Li QC
Bjorn Markentin 1M, 3M, 10M REGINA Laura Desautels SK


The event will be live-streamed on the Web at www.cbcsports.caand

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