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Volleyball Manitoba – May 8, 2018 – The third and final weekend of the 2018 Volleyball Manitoba Provincial Championships took place this past weekend on May 5 & 6 with ninety one teams competing in the girls and boys 14U, 17U & 18U categories. The 2018 Provincials Championships involved 190 teams in total competing in thirteen championships over three weekends.

Final placings along with All-Star and MVP selections from May 5 & 6:

14U Girls Provincials (Dakota Community Centre Fieldhouse & College Jeanne Sauve, Winnipeg)

1st           Club West Rage

2nd          Vision Rage

3rd           Vision Flames

4th           Dynamo Red

5th           Dynamo Grey

6th           Cats Gold

7th           Vision Thunder

8th           Jr Bison Black

9th           Prairie Fire Black

10th         Vics Volley

11th         Dynamo 13

12th         Selkirk Royals Black

13th         Big Sand White

14th         Cats Blue

15th         Jr Pilots Blue

16th         Joust

17th         Selkirk Royals Blue

18th         WinMan Warriors

19th         ACC Cougars

20th         Jr Bison Brown

21st         Fury

22nd        Club West Smash

23rd        Jr Pilots White

24th         Impact

25th         Jr Bison Gold

26th         Parkland Vipers

14U Girls Tier 2 Provincials (MBCI, Winnipeg)

1st           Cats White

2nd          Spitfires

3rd           Parkland Vipers

4th           Predators

5th           WinMan Wild

6th           Prairie Lightning

7th           Pirates

14U Boys Provincials (Red River College & Tec Voc High School, Winnipeg)

1st           204 Gold

2nd          WinMan Legacy

3rd           WinMan Titans

4th           Jr Pilots

5th           204 White

6th           Selkirk Royals

7th           BVC Gold

8th           204 Cardinal

9th           Tsunami

10th         Red River Wild

11th         Down Under Volleyball

12th         Warriors

13th         Regent

14th         204 13U Gold

15th         Aztecs

16th         Spartans

17th         Joust

18th         Pirates

19th         Storm

20th         BVC Blue

21st         BVC 13U

22nd        Prairie Fire

23rd        204 13U Cardinal

17U Girls Provincials (SRSS & Clearspring School, Steinbach)

1st           Jr Bisons

2nd          Shock

3rd           Cats

4th           Dynamo

5th           Jr Pilots

6th           Insanity

7th           WinMan Chaos

8th           Westman Wild

9th           Lightning Elite

10th         Alliance

11th         Dakota Diggers

12th         Mustangs

13th         Superior North (SNVC)

All-Stars: Julia Beer (Dynamo), Brianne Stott (Cats), Zoe Dyck (Shock), Alexa Wieczorkiewicz (Shock), Jordan Hamm (Jr Bisons), Anna Maidment (Jr Bisons)

MVP – Erika Vermette (Jr Bisons)

18U Girls Provincials (SRSS & Clearspring School, Steinbach)

1st           Cobras

2nd          Westman Wave

3rd           Jr Wesmen

4th           Jr Bisons

5th           Shock

6th           Storm

7th           Cats

All-Stars: Shayne Nichols (Jr Bisons), Janet Clegg (Jr Wesmen), Hallie Unger (Westman Wave), Sophia King (Westman Wave), Alli Pauls (Cobras), Olivia Weremy (Cobras)

MVP –MVP – Jayda Nault (Cobras)

17U Boys Provincials (Brandon University, Brandon)

1st           Jr Wesmen

2nd          WinMan Warriors

3rd           United

4th           204

5th           Insanity

6th           BVC

7th           Jr Pilots

8th           Pirates

9th           Parkland Vipers


All-Stars: Michael Sa (204), Liam Boschman (United), Max Brook (WinMan Warriors), Nathan Lamb (WinMan Warriors), Darian Koskie (Jr Wesmen), Jaxen Loeppky (Jr Wesmen)

MVP – Isaiah Olfert (Jr Wesmen)


18U Boys Provincials (Brandon University, Brandon)

1st           WinMan Clutch

2nd          Jr Pilots

3rd           204

4th           BVC

5th           Winnipeg Rush

6th           Aztecs


All-Stars: Reece Wilson (BVC), Luke Sigurdson (204), Austin Anderson (Jr Pilots), Cody Salina (Jr Pilots), Aleksander Morelli (WinMan Clutch), Shane Gabel (WinMan Clutch)

MVP – Nigel Nielson (WinMan Clutch)


Results from the April 21/22 weekend can be found here:

Results from the April 28/29 weekend can be found here:


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