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Sport Manitoba – Day Four Recap

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Cross Country Ski: The circle-of- life story is almost as old as time itself, but we never seem to tire of hearing a new version. In this one, three generations of the Wintinow family slid in to the 2018 Manitoba Games powered by Manitoba Hydro just like they did 24 years ago; the last time the Games were hosted in Thompson…read the full story

Hockey : Two of the most important people at any hockey game are ones that mostly go without notice, much less any thanks. They’re off-ice officials; the scorekeeper and the timekeeper. If you’ve been to a hockey game here at the 2018 Manitoba Games powered by Manitoba Hydro, the scorekeeping and timekeeping at that game was done by one man: Ian Larsen…read the story.

Athlete feeding: They say that you are what you eat: it’s no surprise then that the top athletic talent in Manitoba is fuelled by top-shelf grub, prepared by True North Head Chef Leonard Arnold Church. Church is no stranger to cooking for athletes: as the head chef at the Bell MTS Iceplex, he regularly cooks for the Winnipeg Jets and the Manitoba Moose during training camps and periodically during the regular the story


Medal Standings

Medal Standings

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Phase One photos are all uploaded to our our Facebook page sorted in albums, by day. Please feel free to share, and attribute photo credit to Sport Manitoba. Stay tuned for photos from the second half of the week.

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Day Five – Phase Two Begins

We welcomed Phase Two teams last night and competition begins today in Figure Skating, Curling U15, Badminton, Hockey (F), Speed Skating, and Swimming.

Sport Schedules

Phase two: 

  • Badminton – R.D. Parker Collegiate – Trojan Gym
  • Curling – U15 – Burntwood Curling Club
  • Figure Skating – C.A. Nesbitt Arena
  • Hockey – Female – Gordon Beard Arena
  • Speed Skating – Short Track – C.A. Nesbitt Arena
  • Swimming – Norplex Swimming Pool
  • Table Tennis – La Voie du Nord
  • Wrestling – T.R.C.C. Bill Comaskey Wellness Centre
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Story Leads

Looking for a story? Please contact our regional staff to interview an athlete or coach, or if you have questions about a regional team. 

South              Leanne Traynor           204.362.0452
East                Shannon Schade         204.268.0153
North               Iris Murray                   204.679.6550
West                Megan Foster              204.720.0172
Winnipeg         Amanda Daurie           204.223.4078

For host society questions and interviews, please contact: 
Bruce Krentz   Chair Communications           204.307.6099

For all other enquiries: 
Sarah Tone     Sport Manitoba             204.290.7630

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