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Canadian Sport Institute Calgary – Best Performances of 2017

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CSI Calgary Initiatives

Today we highlight the progress CSI Calgary has made in Innovation & Education

* 4 Major Studies Funded by Own the Podium’s Innovation for Gold Program (concussion, figure skating bone study, speed skating timing system and cross country skiing altitude study)


Dr. Brian Benson, Chief Medical Officer and Director of Sport Medicine at the CSI Calgary and Medical Director at the Benson Concussion Institute (BCI), continues to lead the way in the field of concussions. The robotic technology (KINARM) used at BCI has demonstrated efficiency and precision with measuring impairments that are critical in understanding the progress of recovery and what is needed for safe return to athletic activity. With over 2,500 concussion assessments conducted to date, the KINARM, combined with BCI’s integrated approach to managing and monitoring concussions, hold significant promise in being able to accelerate recovery and readiness to successfully return to sport following a concussive injury. 

Figure Skating Bone Study

Led by Erik Groves, CSI Calgary’s Research and Innovation Lead, and in collaboration with the McCaig Institute for Bone and Joint Health at the University of Calgary Cumming School of Medicine and Skate Canada, the figure skating bone study examines the relationship between training frequency, impact load, nutrition and bone microarchitecture. Ultimately, the research study aims to help develop guidelines for the prevention, early detection and treatment of bone and joint injuries in elite and developing Canadian figure skaters.

Speed Skating Timing System

The joint project between CSI Calgary and the Olympic Oval serves to address a major gap in measuring how a skater’s time is impacted by the way they skate. Using hardware technology developed for motor sport racing and a proprietary software program developed by Olympic Oval IT Specialist, the system provides a detailed measurement of a skater’s performance. 

Cross Country Skiing Altitude Study

The study aims to determine the effectiveness of initial preseason altitude training on an athlete to then determine subsequent altitude exposure leading into the Olympic Games. The study is also developing protocols for determining athlete health status and for optimizing nutrient availability to ensure effective altitude training.


Under the management of Dr. Matt Jordan, Director of Strength and Conditioning, we are positioning CSI Calgary to be a leader in neuromuscular function with ACL reconstruction. Jordan developed a testing protocol using force plates to measure asymmetry between an athlete’s injured and non-injured knees. The objective measurement, along with a strong multidisciplinary team approach, helps athletes and support teams better understand the recovery process. Moreover, it serves to caution athletes about returning to sport too early.

* Advance Coaching Diploma

After launching our online learning management platform (D2L) two years ago, we are now increasing the scope of online learning for our two cohorts. The first across Canada cohort of 25 coaches is scheduled to graduate in the spring of 2018.

* Strength and Power Performance Course

In 2017, CSI Calgary hosted its fourth Strength and Power Performance Course. The course is an exciting educational opportunity that combines experience in a real world high performance training environment, class room knowledge translation and the chance to exchange training ideas and philosophy with some of Canada’s top strength and conditioning coaches.


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Written by Kristina Groves: @kngrover

Photo by: Dave Holland @csicalgaryphoto