The Sport Information Resource Centre
The Sport Information Resource Centre

Job Type

Position Type
Part Time

Application Deadline Date
August 7, 2020

Job Location
Vancouver, British Columbia

Expected Start Date
August 18, 2020

Additional Info

In their role as stewards of the organization, and within the Vision, the leadership volunteers are accountable to the membership and act to:

  • Reflect the values of the organization
  • Determine policy, set direction, ensure the organization’s financial health, establish strategic priorities, develop and update a long-term plan and ensure the existence of a sound governance framework
  • Communicate or advocate effectively by representing the organizations as an ambassador and ensuring sound relationships with partner organizations and funders as appropriate; undertake Board to Board communications between organizations if necessary
  • Ensure good performance—an effective board will usually invest a fair amount of time discussing the questions: what does good performance mean for us? How do we measure how well we are doing? It will rely on multiple sources of intelligence, both formal in the form of staff reports and informal, to keep on top of this aspect of its responsibilities.
  • Bring a certain skill set to bear on strategic decision-making (for example, understanding the marketing, financial, communications, accounting or legal aspects of an issue)


  1. Finance and Admin (two year term)

Canadian Blind Sports is seeking enthusiastic, talented volunteers to join our Executive Committee and Board of Directors.  We are seeking dedicated individuals with expertise in blindness, sport, or both.

Inquiries or nominations should be forwarded to CEO Jane D. Blaine to be forwarded to the nominating committee.

The positions will be elected at the Canadian Blind Sports Annual General Meeting.

Date:          august 18 2020

Time:          6:00 PM EST

The deadline for nominations is August 7, 2020.


  • Officers of the Executive Committee:
  • Financial/Administration Director: (elected in even numbered years for a two year term.) The Financial/Administration Director shall be responsible for the financial records of the Association.