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The Sport Information Resource Centre

Concussions and success don’t often belong in the same sentence. Thanks to the collaborative efforts of organizations across Canada and the harmonized guidelines, Canadian athletes are better protected from the long-term risks of concussions than ever before. Here are some success stories from athletes and sport organizations in Canada:

American football on field with goal post in background.Football Makes Bold Pivot

Football in Canada is enjoying a resurgence at a time when public angst over concussions in sport has never been greater. [Read more]

Innovative Strategies Making Concussion Safety the New Normal

When Canada works in harmony towards the same goal, much can happen in a short time. In March 2018, SIRC launched the “We Are Headstrong” campaign. [Read more]

Concussion Education Reaches the Community Sport Level

As awareness of the management and prevention of concussions in sport increases, Canadians have more resources at their fingertips [Read more]

volleyball canada - we are headstrong How data informs Volleyball Canada’s concussion strategy

It might be surprising to hear concussions are a serious risk in the sport of volleyball. But data collection from Volleyball Canada—dating back to 2016—has revealed exactly that. [Read more]


Photo of freestyle skiingConcussion Prevention Through Innovation

It’s a potent mix: dangerous flips and twists performed by young, boundary-pushing athletes who revel in the sport’s free-spirited culture[Read more]

Photo of figure skaters 

Changing the Sport Culture by Changing the Rules

High-level athletes compete to win. Sometimes, however, they make rash decisions in the heat of the moment that can have serious, long-term consequences[Read more]


two hockey players on the iceLeveraging Consistent, Reliable Information for Culture Change

The signs are out there. The culture is shifting [Read more]


Photo of artistic swimmingInnovative Research is Reducing Concussion Risks for Artistic Swimmers

Most Canadians would not consider artistic swimming (formerly synchronized swimming) a contact sport. But ask an athlete or [Read more]

Photo of rugby playerConcussions, Rugby and the Bigger Picture

Concussion is a pressing issue in sport. And few sports have been affected as acutely or as deeply as rugby [Read more]

canoe kayak athleteConcussion Risks in Your Sport May be Greater Than You Think

For the athletes in this sport, the concussion risks are real even if brain injuries are rare [Read more]

How the Sport of Ringette is Putting a Values Lens on the Concussion Issue

Every sport organization faces tough decisions around where to channel its limited budget and human resources[Read more]