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Overview of key topics


Concussion education plays a critical role in improving concussion awareness. When delivered regularly, concussion education can improve concussion knowledge which may also lead to changes in concussion attitudes and behaviours. To reinforce the importance of improving concussion education for all sports participants and administrators.

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Sport-related concussions (SRC), or mild traumatic brain injuries can lead to a wide range of short and longterm symptoms, affecting how an athlete thinks, feels and acts. Understanding recovery and the various factors that can influence recovery can help sport participants and sport leaders alike.

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Males and females experience concussions in different ways. The sport community must be aware of these differences to better manage concussions in these different populations. Understanding the research will help policy makers to take a more sex-specific approach to concussion management and prevention. Learn about the sex-specific differences in recovery time, reporting behaviours and risk as well as the reasons behind these differences whether that be hormonal, brain anatomy or muscle strength.

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Strength & Conditioning

There are a limited number of things that athletes can do to reduce their risk of concussion. Recent research has drawn attention to the potential for neck strength to be a modifiable risk factor for concussion. Athletes, parents, coaches, and organizations can all draw on this research to make informed decisions around the inclusion of neck strength & conditioning in their own or their athletes training programs. Learn more about the role of the neck during an impact and what exercises or exercise programs were used in the literature.

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Disability Sport

Concussions occur in athletes with disabilities; however, little research and attention are given to concussions amongst these athletes. The research that has been done in this area showcases the importance of improving education and research surrounding sport-related concussion in athletes with disabilities. Discover ways to adapt concussion assessment tools to better serve athletes with disabilities and ways to prevent concussions. This research will lead the way to improving educational initiatives directed at disability sport.

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Equipment plays an essential role in keeping athletes safe from various injuries; however, there may be some confusion around the role of protective equipment in preventing concussions. Athletes, coaches, parents and decision makers must all understand the roles and limitations of protective equipment. This will help them make informed decisions about the use of protective equipment in any given sport.

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