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Harmonization will ensure concussion protocols are consistent across the country and are aligned with the best available research. This alignment will helps to ensure that, while concussion protocols can be individualized, each concussion plan and protocol will follow the same core principles.

Leading Canadian Research

Below is a list of research papers, which explore several topics related to concussion assessment, management and prevention. All studies included within this list were authored (or co-authored) by Canadian researchers or practitioners within the last 5 years. For more references to explore consider looking at the reference lists within our concussion literature reviews or contact us at

Diagnosing and managing paediatric concussion: Key recommendations for general paediatricians and family doctors.
Dawson, J., Reed, N., Bauman, S., Seguin, R., & Zemek, R.

Body checking in non-elite adolescent ice hockey leagues: It is never too late for policy change aiming to protect the health of adolescents.
Emery, C.A., Eliason, P., Warriyar, V., Palacios-Derflingher, L., Black, A.M., Krolikowski, M., Spencer, N., Sick, S., Kozak, S., Schneider, K.J., & Babul, S.

Mouthguard use in youth ice hockey and the risk of concussion: Nested case–control study of 315 cases.
Chisholm, D. A., Black, A. M., Palacios-Derflingher, L., Eliason, P. H., Schneider, K. J., Emery, C. A., & Hagel, B. E.

Under-reporting of sport-related concussions by adolescent athletes: A systematic review.
Pennock, K.F., McKenzie, B., Steacy, L.M., & Mainwaring, L.

Sex-specific differences in resting-state functional connectivity of large-scale networks in postconcussion syndrome.
Shafi, R., Crawley, A. P., Tartaglia, M. C., Tator, C. H., Green, R. E., Mikulis, D. J., & Colantonio, A.

Adapting the dynamic, recursive model of sport injury to concussion: An individualized approach to concussion prevention, detection, assessment, and treatment.
Schneider, K.J., Emery, C.A., Black, A., Yeates, K.O., Debert, C.T., Lun, V., & Meeuwisse, W.H.

Effect of concussion history on symptom burden and recovery following pediatric sports-related concussion.
Ellis, M., Krisko, C., Selci, E., & Russell, K.

Concussion in Para sport.
Kissick, J., & Webborn, N.

Exercise is medicine for concussion.
Leddy, J.J., Haider, M.N., Ellis, M., & Willer, B.S.

Sex & gender considerations in concussion research.
Mollayeva, T., El-Khechen-Richandi, G., & Colantonio, A.

The epidemiology of concussions: Number and nature of concussions and time to recovery among female and male Canadian varsity athletes 2008 to 2011.
Black, A. M., Sergio, L. E., & Macpherson, A. K.

What strategies can be used to effectively reduce the risk of concussion in sport? A systematic review.
Emery, C.A., Black, A.M., Kolstad, A., Martinez, G., Nettel-Aguirre, A., Engebretsen, L., Johnston, K., Kissick, J., Maddocks, D., Tator, C., & Aubry, M.

Changing the Game with Data

Concussions in High Performance Sport

Suzanne Leclerc MD, Ph.D. Dip. Med. Sport, Chief Medical Officer, Institut national du sport du Québec

Sex and Gender Differences in Concussions

Reema Shafi, PhD, OT Reg. (Ont.), University of Toronto

Peer-to-Peer Education Model in Sport and Special Olympics Collaboration

Nick Reed, PhD, MScOT, OT Reg. (Ont.), University of Toronto

Concussion Care without Borders

Michael Ellis BSc, MD, FRCSC, University of Manitoba