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The Sport Information Resource Centre

Do you suffer from Weekend Warrior Syndrome (WWS)?

Definition: someone who is committed to a sport or activity but, based on life, work, and family demands, has limited time to participate or train for that activity.

Doing more than your training allows can often cause injury. Too much training without the rest can also do the same by causing overuse injuries. It is up to you to create the right balance.

Some tips for injury prevention:

  1. Wear and use all the proper gear and equipment for your sport
  2. Warm up – it’s necessary for every activity
  3. Play by the rules – they are there for a reason
  4. Train properly for your sport – skills training and proper body mechanics – use a certified coach
  5. Listen to your body – pain is a sure sign of injury.

Evidence has shown that injuries are not unlucky “accidents” but predictable events that are in most cases preventable (Rivara and Grossman, 1996).

What should you do if an injury does occur such as a strain or a pull?

REST – as soon as an injury occurs.
ICE – the injured area to stop swelling
COMPRESSION – prevents swelling and gives the injured area support
ELEVATION – reduces blood flow to the injured area, which also prevents swelling

SIRC has plenty of resources on the prevention and treatment of sport injuries for the weekend warrior in you. Check out these resources on concussion management, lower leg pain in basketball players, and ankle injuries.

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