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The Sport Information Resource Centre

Travel and sport are often used together when thinking of traveling for the next hockey or basketball tournament. But now more than ever, adventure sport enthusiasts are combining their love of sport and travel and turning it into a winning combination.

A recent article about adventure travel discusses the basics everyone will need to have a safe and successful adventure. Some of the tips that every active traveler should adhere by are:

  • Never get caught empty-pocketed: If you were separated from your gear, boat, guide or food, would you be able to survive with what’s in your pocket? These aren’t likely scenarios, but keep it in mind next time you’re going rafting or camping in a remote location.
  • Pack like a pro: No matter what kind of trip you’re taking, you’re probably packing too much. Try and lighten your load by packing smarter and really thinking about where you are going.
  • Dog or no Dog?: It depends on the trip, the owner and the dog’s temperament. Planning on going rafting, skiing, hiking/camping or biking? Each of these activities have risks for dogs so be smart and think about the health and safety of you and your four legged friend. Having a dog around during these activities can be great but ensure your trip mates are ok with the extra passenger!
  • Medic! Do yourself and your trip-mates a favour and get some medical training. Even a basic first aid course can help with the first response after a fall on the slopes, a sting from a stingray or a cut on the hand.
  • Additional travel insurance: Assess the type of trip you’re taking and decide what type of insurance is best for you. Are you going snorkeling and doing some day hikes? Will you be mountain-biking, rafting and trekking? Or are you headed somewhere remote and dangerous or going mountain climbing? All of these scenarios might have a chance of injury so it’s best to be prepared. The last thing you want is to seek medical attention and be stuck with a bill that you can’t afford.

These are just a few tips to keep your travels fun and safe. In order to stay active and healthy you need to challenge yourself and keep an open mind. Mountain climbing in the Rockies, rafting the Colorado River or Skiing the Alps isn’t for everyone, but you can find something for everyone when it comes to adventure travel!


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