Engaging Youth Volunteers

Volunteering is the backbone of sport in Canada. Without the generous contributions of volunteers at all levels many sport opportunities would not be available to our communities. In the past our older generation has been the stalwart contributors of their time and energy and while this trend continues, we should also be looking to our younger generations to help support their desire to give back...Read more

Getting involved: How do I recruit youth volunteers for my sport program?

According to recent reports, over 40% of young Canadians will volunteer in the culture, sport & recreation sector - this is great news for sport leaders! The majority of young people who volunteer use it as a way to build skills, establish work experience and network in order to improve their job prospects in the future. So how do I go about finding people to recruit? The first option that...Read more


SIRC Newsletter now available online: Volunteering Volunteers play an extremely important role in the sport community - without these hard working people, many events simply would not occur. SIRC fully recognizes the value and vital role volunteers contribute every year so that we can continue to build upon our strong tradition of volunteering in sport. Read more: http://www.sirc.ca/newsletters/...Read more


SIRC Newsletter now available online: Officiating There's no arguing, officiating comes with its challenges! Today's officials are fit, smart and passionate about what they do. Many are experts in their sport – from techniques, tactics, skills and strategies to formations in the game, it’s a job that deserves respect. Officials come from all walks of life, parents, teens, coaches and former...Read more

Diversity in Sport

SIRC Newsletter now available online: Diversity in Sport The Canadian sport community has the opportunity to embrace our uniquely diverse population and actively strive for a multicultural and socially inclusive environment. Proactive sport organizations adopt a broad view of diversity and value it to its fullest extent. Ideally, this means going beyond merely removing barriers to participation...Read more


SIRC Newsletter now available online: Volunteerism Volunteerism is considered the backbone of Canada's sport and recreation system. Currently, Canada has over 6.5 million volunteers with 35% of those being involved in sport. Sport volunteers encompass people from all walks of life, from active and retired athletes, coaches and officials to professionals, parents and youth (and more) who want to...Read more

SIRC Newsletter - Volunteering

Volunteers are critical to the success of sport and recreation! Appreciating our volunteers and providing well managed programming and tools will assist in the retention and positive experience for everyone involved. Typically volunteers feel a strong identification with the activity, a passion for giving back and want to make a meaningful contribution. How do organizations keep people coming...Read more


Check out the latest SIRC Newsletter on Volunteers ! Recruiting, selection, references, training, recognition and retention is just as important with volunteers as it would be with paid employees. Often recruiting volunteers is a major hurdle faced by organizations. Why not try looking at the older or younger generations for a new pool of recruits? It is important to remember a proper background...Read more

2011 Canada Games - 283 Days to Go!

SIRC volunteered at the lighting of the 2011 Canada Games torch today to kick off the beginning of the Games torch program. The Ottawa Visitor Centre was a hive of activity with activities for local schools with performances by Jimmy Rankin and The Sacred Heart Concert Choir. Also on the program were welcoming speeches from the Minister of National Defence Peter MacKay, director of sports, Nova...Read more