Getting Physical! Engaging Seniors in Sports

Whether you are young or old, sports are an incredible way to strengthen friendships, meet new people, and to stay healthy. There are many physical and mental health benefits of active aging and lifelong sport participation. Statistics Canada shows that young Canadians between the ages of 15-19 are participating in sport at a 54% rate, whereas only 17% of seniors are engaged. Why is there such a...Read more

Bridging the Gap Between Seniors and Recreational Sport and Fitness Programs

Seniors may be overlooked when thinking about adding diversity to your sports and fitness programs when the fact is that many seniors share the same barriers when facing sport participation. Community recreation and sport programs can be great for older people who feel isolated by helping them build connections as well as open up other possibilities for participation in other activities. Research...Read more

Suffering from a chronic condition? Exercise can help.

The majority of us when we are in pain will typically want to take it easy, stopping all activity that may be the least bit strenuous. While this obviously makes sense in the short term (1-2 days) to allow recovery, a prolonged absence from activity it can actually undermine the healing process. A lot of people are under the misconception that when you don’t feel well you’re supposed to just lie...Read more

Adventure Travel and the Older Adult

With summer in full swing, many older adults will be boarding planes, trains and ships to head off for their latest travel adventure . Research shows that the aging population, with their improved health and disposable incomes are looking for trips that are stimulating culturally, socially and that include a lot of interaction and adventure. Many individuals or couples are increasing their level...Read more

Does exercise help osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis or "common arthritis" is the gradual wearing down of the joint's hyaline cartilage. Our joint's have a shiny, smooth surface at the end of each bone which allows friction and free motion. When this area becomes damaged, thinned or worn away it is known as osteoarthritis. The rubbing of the damaged area is painful and the repetition leads to inflammation, swelling and more pain...Read more

Forever Young

/*--> */ As we all get older, age starts to take a toll on our bodies. For most of us this is a pessimistic outlook that we do not want, therefore we need to take action. Quality of life is just as important as quantity, training is necessary for health and longevity. Exercise suggestions: When going to the gym, a workout should not be focused on a specific area of the body. Most people that work...Read more