Mom and Me: Active Lifestyles Begin at Home!

A physically active lifestyle begins to develop early in childhood. Almost 31% of Canadian children and youth 5-19 years of age are overweight or obese and if the current trends continue, by 2040, 70% of 40-year-olds will be overweight or obese . The importance of physical activity at an early age does, however, give us an idea of possible strategies to target the widespread physical activity...Read more

Work-Life Balance

In today’s world of instant information and accessibility to technology, it is tough to balance work, life and family. We live in a world in which your boss can instantly send you an email when you are not at the office, or maybe call you due to some project deadline that is looming. Now add to the equation that you are an elite athlete, with aspirations of representing your country at the...Read more

A step in the right direction

As I write this blog post I sit at a computer and you probably are as well. When does sitting become excessive? Does sitting really affect your health? Many doctors and health practitioners claim that prolonged sitting (one hour or more) can in fact have a serious impact on your health. Results of prolonged sitting: Reduces energy levels Increases risk of weight gain Six or more hours of sitting...Read more