Supporting the Remote Worker – What Leaders Need to Know

Telecommuting or remote work is steadily on the rise with its low cost, flexibility, and appeal to work-life balance. While in the past, working from home was seen as a special request, granted only for particular circumstances, in today’s world, many employees now see remote work as a perk and sometimes even an expectation when hunting for a new job. “[A] study by Stanford Economics Professor...Read more

Work-Life Balance

In today’s world of instant information and accessibility to technology, it is tough to balance work, life and family. We live in a world in which your boss can instantly send you an email when you are not at the office, or maybe call you due to some project deadline that is looming. Now add to the equation that you are an elite athlete, with aspirations of representing your country at the...Read more

Have a dream. Find your passion.

2008 Olympic Games - Beijing, China Bird's Nest Stadium Photo credit: Michele Walker If you have ever dreamed of competing in the Olympic Games or playing hockey in the National Hockey League, yet have come to the realization that as an average athlete with a passion, it’s just not going to happen, you may be able to fulfill your Olympic dreams by working in a career in sport. The great thing...Read more