The Placebo Effect: Why the mind is a powerful thing

The advancement of sport science and sport medicine has brought many fields to work to together in order to maximize athletic performance. Integrated Support Teams (IST) are the norm of today in elite athletics. Such teams consist of physicians, nutritionists, psychologists, biomechanics, videographers, statisticians, etc. all designed to help coaches and athletes in various aspects of training...Read more


SIRC is pleased to be participating in the SPIN Summit 2013 hosted by Own the Podium. This year’s focus has been on “pushing the limits on performance” and we’ve had the pleasure of hearing many interesting presentations from former athletes, Olympic coaches and sport scientists. The conference began with hearing former Olympic cross-country skier Rebecca “Beckie” Scott speak about her personal...Read more


SIRC est heureux de participer au Sommet SPIN 2013 organisé par À Nous le podium. L’objectif de cette année a été mis sur «Repousser les limites de la performance» et nous avons eu le plaisir d’entendre plusieurs intéressantes présentations par d’anciens athlètes, entraîneurs olympiques et scientistes sportifs. La conférence a commencé en écoutant l’ancienne skieuse de fond olympique Rebecca «...Read more

Is the Sky Always Going to be the Limit?

Year after year, games after games, championship after championship, athletes continue to set world records and all-time best results. But can athletic human performance continue to improve indefinitely? One might contemplate that the time will come when athletes will no longer be faster, higher and stronger. A ccording to a South Korean study of athletics and swimming in the International...Read more

SAIT Slides into Sport Research

We often speak about the significance that participating in sport brings to improving our well-being socially, mentally and spiritually. But on the competition side, those involved in sport are also always looking for ways to improve their performance, which will range from the psychology and physiology of sport to improving the equipment used . These tools of the trade not only include moving...Read more

University of Toronto Gets Green Light for New Sports Lab

The Faculty of Physical Education and Health at the University of Toronto has announced that the build is on for a dazzling new sports lab facility geared towards high performance sports science research. With inspiration and direction from the previous Dean of Physical Education and Olympian, Bruce Kidd , the The Goldring Centre for High Performance Sport will open its doors in 2014 in downtown...Read more

SIRC Gets in the SPIN of Things

The 2011 SPIN (SPort INnovation) Summit is in its second day at the Westin Harbour Castle Hotel in downtown Toronto, Ontario. Canada’s greatest minds in sport science have come together for a conference focusing on premier applied sport science, sport medicine and research that services the high performance sport community. Themes this year include bullet proofing the 2012 Olympic Games plan (...Read more

Knowledge in Action!

/*--> */ November is a busy month in the world of sport information sharing and knowledge transfer. With a variety of conferences and summits on the calendar, SIRC will be present in the following locations: Sport Canada Research Initiative Conference (SCRI) – Aylmer, Quebec (November 3, 2011) SIRC hosts sport researchers, policy makers and practitioners sharing their knowledge and expertise with...Read more