Suffering from a chronic condition? Exercise can help.

The majority of us when we are in pain will typically want to take it easy, stopping all activity that may be the least bit strenuous. While this obviously makes sense in the short term (1-2 days) to allow recovery, a prolonged absence from activity it can actually undermine the healing process. A lot of people are under the misconception that when you don’t feel well you’re supposed to just lie...Read more

Resistance training using your own body weight.

When you walk into most gyms, you will immediately see many different machines and various weight equipment laid out. Each one of these has a specific purpose. As a gym rat, you have the ability to choose between lifting light or heavy weights, based on what you are trying to accomplish in your workout. But sometimes making it to the gym as often as you would like can be difficult or cost more...Read more

Walk yourself to better health

Modern society has made life very accessible for humans. We do not have to chase down animals in order to eat, and we have the luxury of travelling from one point to the other without ever having to walk. We can all attest that we are very thankful of modern inventions, which have made our lives much easier. However, with transportation that is readily accessible, we have neglected to do the...Read more

SIRC at the CASEM Conference!

The SIRC virtual resource centre is on the road this week in Kelowna, BC attending the Canadian Academy of Sport and Exercise Medicine ( CASEM ) conference. It is great talking to the sports medicine community and helping them out with their questions in the area of sport medicine and preventive health interventions. Some of the topics being discussed include: Exercise as a modality for chronic...Read more