Bridging the Gap Between Seniors and Recreational Sport and Fitness Programs

Seniors may be overlooked when thinking about adding diversity to your sports and fitness programs when the fact is that many seniors share the same barriers when facing sport participation. Community recreation and sport programs can be great for older people who feel isolated by helping them build connections as well as open up other possibilities for participation in other activities. Research...Read more

Suffering from a chronic condition? Exercise can help.

The majority of us when we are in pain will typically want to take it easy, stopping all activity that may be the least bit strenuous. While this obviously makes sense in the short term (1-2 days) to allow recovery, a prolonged absence from activity it can actually undermine the healing process. A lot of people are under the misconception that when you don’t feel well you’re supposed to just lie...Read more

Aqua Fitness: A low impact physical activity for the active aging adult

Aqua fitness for older adults, especially for those with limited mobility can be an excellent way of staying active. It is a low impact form of exercise that is accessible to all swimming levels and abilities. Working out in the water allows for greater range of motion without putting too much strain on the body, prevents overheating and enables participants to exercise for a longer period of...Read more

Defying Father Time: Elite Athletes Career Longevity

The As we age, our bodies change and we are simply not able to do certain things in the same way as we could when we were young. With aging in athletic terms, we must evolve and come to understand our limits, learning strategies to compensate for those limits. Even as a recreational athlete, you can age successfully . Even though your body does not work in the way that it used to, you can adapt...Read more

Celebrate in Active Aging Week! Sept 23 - Sept 28

It's active aging week in Canada and this year's theme is "Discover your Community." Active aging events are planned locally which allows organizers in each community the ability to decide what they would like to do. Events are free for participants and are intended to be fun and educational, with a no-pressure atmosphere. The idea is based around what successful aging is - it's about engaging in...Read more