Concussion in Sport - Translating Evidence into Action

From playgrounds to international podiums, millions of Canadians participate in sport every day. While the health and social benefits of participating in sport far outweigh any potential risks, there are risks of injury. Whether you’re a coach, administrator, parent or athlete, we all have a role to play in ensuring sport is as safe as possible, and in the event of an injury, that athlete...Read more

Being Smart about Concussions

Concussion continues to be a very hot topic in sport these days. In fact, the Governor General is spending a full day today hosting a conference with former professional athletes, Olympic and Paralympic athletes, the medical community, and the sport community at large, discussing concussions in sport and how we can do better for Canadian youth to play safe and continue to get involved in sport...Read more

After concussion: Student-athletes return-to-learn

When a high school age student athlete receives a concussion , it’s important that all adults that interact with that student know how to provide the best atmosphere for them when they return to school. While health care professionals are increasingly being made aware of how to recognize a concussion and the recommendations for care of a concussed patient, teachers, principals, guidance...Read more

Need to Know Facts about Concussions

A concussion is a common head injury, also known as a Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (MTBI) . It is an injury that is caused by the brain being shaken around inside the skull after a direct blow to the head, or a sudden jerking of the head or neck when the body is hit. There is a misconception that you have to be knocked out to sustain a concussion, when in fact any contact to the head or body that...Read more


Many people have made the claim that soccer (or football), is the most popular sport in the world and it’s easy to see why. Soccer is a great sport for people of various ages and skill levels, requires little to no equipment and is easy to play. Since play is continuous, it is also excellent for fitness and cardiovascular health – not to mention that it’s a lot of fun! This issue, SIRC has...Read more

Concussions - SIRC Newsletter

Concussion is a topic that affects everyone in sport in some way whether you are a coach, athlete, trainer, physician, or director. A concussion is more than just a headache or a temporary loss of cognitive ability. It’s an injury that is invisible and destructive if not handled properly. With the amount of concussion resources available online, it can be difficult to find the best and most...Read more

Use Your Head ... Safely!

Concussion awareness and prevention has been a rising issue throughout the sports world in recent years. Particular attention is being paid to head injury in youth sports and its lasting effects as children get older. For the game of soccer, this means addressing the necessity of ‘heading’ in youth divisions. Heading in soccer occurs when a player uses their head to alter and control the...Read more


SIRC is pleased to be participating in the SPIN Summit 2013 hosted by Own the Podium. This year’s focus has been on “pushing the limits on performance” and we’ve had the pleasure of hearing many interesting presentations from former athletes, Olympic coaches and sport scientists. The conference began with hearing former Olympic cross-country skier Rebecca “Beckie” Scott speak about her personal...Read more


SIRC est heureux de participer au Sommet SPIN 2013 organisé par À Nous le podium. L’objectif de cette année a été mis sur «Repousser les limites de la performance» et nous avons eu le plaisir d’entendre plusieurs intéressantes présentations par d’anciens athlètes, entraîneurs olympiques et scientistes sportifs. La conférence a commencé en écoutant l’ancienne skieuse de fond olympique Rebecca «...Read more

When is it Right to Return to Play?

The comeback of the National Hockey League’s (NHL) Sidney Crosby of the Pittsburgh Penguins began last night when he took to the ice for the first time since suffering a concussion against Tampa Bay on January 5. Now the poster child for concussions, Crosby, recognized as the best player in the world, actually suffered two hits to the head just four days apart and went on to miss 61 regular...Read more