National Health and Fitness Day – June 2, 2018

The National Health and Fitness Day Act was passed in 2014, designating the first Saturday in June as National Health and Fitness Day (NHFD). NHFD is intended to draw attention to declining rates of physical activity and increasing rates of preventable illness, and ultimately encourage Canadians to reap the benefits of active living. This year, more than 350 communities across the country have...Read more

Keeping the Family Active during the Summer Break

School is out which usually means late nights and lazy mornings. While the summer means more time for relaxation and time spent with family, it’s also important to sneak in some fitness too. It’s the perfect opportunity to plan activities the family already enjoys and maybe try something new. Go old school - How about an old fashioned game of tag? It gets the heart pumping, the whole family can...Read more

Happy Holidays from SIRC!

The holidays are a time for friends, family, and the spirit of giving. Whether we are at school, work, or play we should remember to keep up our healthy eating and exercise habits. Studies have shown that more than half of all weight gained throughout the year occurs during the holiday season, so our healthy habits built during the year become even more important this time of year. Stay active...Read more

Running with the kids – a new trend for families

Ottawa Race Weekend is now in sight and is the biggest multi-distance race event in Canada. Whether you walk, jog, or run, it’s becoming increasingly common to have kids, parents, and grandparents all signing up for different races and cheering each other on. Sedentary lifestyles are becoming the norm and events like this one can be a way to get everyone excited about running and physical...Read more

Happy Holidays from SIRC!

SIRC Newsletter: Happy Holidays from SIRC It's the holiday season again and getting outside in the wintertime can be a great way for you and your family to stay active during the cold winter months. As the temperature drops and the snow falls it can be hard to resist the urge to hide inside but for intrepid adventurers winter offers up some...Read more

Hiking for Beginners

From panoramic mountaintop views, to beautiful coastal waters, hiking lets you explore Canada's magnificent scenery. It's great to wander off alone for some downtime or it can be a wonderful family activity. How to get the most out of hiking: Footwear - Ensure that you have hiking boots or shoes that are of good quality and that are comfortable. If you happen to cross an unbridged stream, water...Read more