Athlete Perspective: How to manage social media during competition

SIRC’s Athlete Perspective series provides insight and recommendations on key issues from an athlete’s perspective. The collection of blogs and SIRCuit articles profiles Canada’s Olympic and Paralympic athletes and taps into their lived experience. While social media can have many positive uses for athletes, such as interacting with fans, creating a brand, and providing value for sponsors,...Read more

Beyond Results: Building Fans through Strategic Communication

While professional teams and leagues have teams of media relations and social media professionals dedicated to maintaining a presence for their fans year-round, most amateur sport organizations have one or two individuals who handle communications and marketing off the sides of their desk. Far too often, the people tasked with promoting athletes and teams are fixated on results - posting the...Read more


SIRC is pleased to be working together with Sport Canada to share current research on topics informing policy and promoting quality sport programming. This week we are sharing highlights of a recent article reviewing a research study examining CANADIAN NATIONAL SPORT ORGANIZATIONS’ USE OF SOCIAL MEDIA. "Birds of a Feather": An Institutional Approach to Canadian National Sport Organizations'...Read more

SIRC Newsletter: Social Media

Sport and social media are now irrevocably intertwined with fans actively engaged with their favourite athletes and sport teams on a regular basis. The World Cup is currently being touted as the biggest social media event ever with millions of fans tweeting, posting and commenting on each live game. It changes so quickly that it can be difficult for sport organizations, coaches and athletes to...Read more

SIRC Newsletter - 2013 A Year in Review

SIRC Newsletter - 2013 A Year in Review 2013 was a fantastic year for SIRC. Our partnership with Sport Canada and the COC in producing the SIRC Governance Webinar Series has been extremely successful and we've had lots of positive feedback from the sport community. The Leadership SIRCuit and High Performance SIRCuit have a fresh new look and...Read more

The Power and Peril of Social Media

It is no longer a question of why should an organization use social media , but how should they use it. With social media the possibilities are endless. Social media allows for a sense of community and increases the speed for feedback and results. Organizations can have direct communication with their customers or members, coaches can send out training schedules and tips to their athletes,...Read more

Draft: If You Can’t Beat Them, You Must Join Them

It doesn’t matter if you are a small or large business, a club or an organization, you have employees, athletes, members, coaches, fans and customers. All of them need to be kept in the loop on one level or another. Forget the letter and the stamp. A what? Yes, a stamp! The fax used to be cutting edge. Then progress to the electronic mail (AKA email) and even that was once considered to be the...Read more

One Stop Shops for Digital Solutions

A case no longer needs to be made for why an organization should be using social media as part of their business plan. We all know that embracing the medium means that customer engagement will improved significantly while allowing for direct customer and member communication and increasing the speed of feedback and results. With an unquestionable increase in the business usage of Facebook,...Read more

Technology – The Bigger Picture

This past November, SIRC had the pleasure of attending the Petro-Canada Sport Leadership Conference hosted by the Coaching Association of Canada , in Ottawa. This event is where top coaches, sport administrators, coach educators, leaders in the corporate community, and sport scientists come together to connect, learn, network, and celebrate together. One of the sessions was about social media and...Read more

Social Media: How do you choose?

Blogger, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, LinkedIn, YouTube, Widgetbox, MySpace, Picasa, Hipcast, Google Video, Meebo, Gabby, 30Boxes … The list goes on! Social media is here to stay. With so many choices it can be difficult to figure out what type of social media to tap into. Aspects of social media pepper the literature that passes through the SIRC Collection, examples include: • Lessons in social...Read more