What is the role of physical therapy in sport?

Most active Canadians will at some point in their life experience an injury related to their physical activity or sport. Knowing what to do and how to address these injuries so they don’t get worse is where sport physiotherapy comes into play. While many small injuries can be treated by a family doctor, quite often these and more complex injuries are referred to a physiotherapist. A...Read more

The underwater treadmill, an alternative to supplementing your training

It is no secret that athletes are always looking for an edge. As an athlete hungry to improve your performance, sometimes you can only train so hard before it becomes necessary to find ways of supplementing your training. Some athletes enhance their workload through cross training , resistance training or even through taking up another sport. One tool that has emerged in the last decade which has...Read more

Core Training - Not just for your abs!

We've all heard fitness experts claim that core training is important for overall fitness and health. Health clubs offer core training exercise groups and physio therapists recommend it for those recovering from injury. Your core is the collection of muscles that stabilize the spine, this includes the hips, pelvis, abdominals, lower back, mid-back, and neck regions of the body . These muscles are...Read more

Icing on the Ache!

Icing an injury is one of the oldest and best known injury treatment strategies, yet there is often confusion among athletes and coaches as to what injuries they should ice, how often and for how long. Based on current research there are no definite answers to these questions however here are some basic guidelines you can follow: 1. Always ice an acute injury involving muscle tears and joint...Read more

It's more than just an injury

Often when athletes get injured and have to spend time away from sport, we only think about the recovery of the physical injury. A successful return to competition can be dependent on psychological rehabilitation as well. An article from Athletic Therapy Today, ' Psychological Rehabilitation for Recovery From Injury: The SCRAPE Approach ' by Christopher James Hinderliter and Bradley J. Cardinal,...Read more

Sport Injury Psychology

In a recent article in the SIRC Collection Dr. John Heil talks about the "10 Challenges" faced by the injured and recovering athlete, and the psychological tools that can help the athlete meet these challenges. He suggests that by approaching injury rehabilitation as part of the game that an athlete must play, the athlete can transfer sport skills to their rehabilitation. The following are the...Read more