The underwater treadmill, an alternative to supplementing your training

It is no secret that athletes are always looking for an edge. As an athlete hungry to improve your performance, sometimes you can only train so hard before it becomes necessary to find ways of supplementing your training. Some athletes enhance their workload through cross training , resistance training or even through taking up another sport. One tool that has emerged in the last decade which has...Read more

Response and adaptation to training and exercise

When getting back to the grind after a good break from a long season, or when at the beginning of a new training or exercise routine, the body usually feels sore. For seasoned veterans, early season training feels very challenging; lets face it, getting back into shape can feel like a daunting task. For those trying a new training regime or a new sport, the new movements will leave you a little...Read more

Adventure Travel and the Older Adult

With summer in full swing, many older adults will be boarding planes, trains and ships to head off for their latest travel adventure . Research shows that the aging population, with their improved health and disposable incomes are looking for trips that are stimulating culturally, socially and that include a lot of interaction and adventure. Many individuals or couples are increasing their level...Read more

High Intensity Interval Training

Many Canadians cite a " lack of time " when asked about barriers to adding physical activity into their lives. High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is used by many athletes and fitness enthusiasts to reach their performance goals and enhance their fitness levels. HIIT is a type of cardio training that involves alternating bouts of light-to-moderate intensity with bouts of high intensity. HIIT...Read more

Never underestimate the power of a good walk

Walking is one of the least expensive and most accessible forms of physical exercise. It can be adopted by people of all ages and abilities, requires no training and is a great benefit to your health. Walking isn't an exercise that leads to many injuries, although it's still a good idea to equip yourself with proper fitting shoes and loose comfortable clothes . Whatever the weather conditions be...Read more

For the love of cross-country skiing

Why not get outside and enjoy the winter while getting some exercise? Cross country skiing gives you the ability to do just that! Whether skiers are trying to travel through knee deep snow or a well groomed course, these athletes are outside enjoying nature while getting in some exercise. The best part about cross country skiing is you can make it suit your needs… skiers can go out alone, in...Read more