Using Sport to Accomplish Social Change

Have you heard the term Sport for Development and wondered what it means? Sport for development (also referred to as S4D and used interchangeably with sport for social change or sport for social objectives) involves tapping into what sport can do “intentionally” to address a range of community priorities, including community building, reduced youth criminal behavior, health promotion, Indigenous...Read more

The Power of Sport

Sport for development refers to any initiative that uses sport to help improve or strengthen its community or helps assist people in need. However, when people talk about sport for development they are often referring to organizations like Right to Play and UNICEF who work in developing countries all over the world. What is often overlooked is the work being done locally in the sport for...Read more


Many people have made the claim that soccer (or football), is the most popular sport in the world and it’s easy to see why. Soccer is a great sport for people of various ages and skill levels, requires little to no equipment and is easy to play. Since play is continuous, it is also excellent for fitness and cardiovascular health – not to mention that it’s a lot of fun! This issue, SIRC has...Read more

West Ottawa Soccer U14 Girls Heading to Nicaragua - July 4-13

Six local youth and their support team are off to Nicaragua this week to complete a project for SchoolBOX , a Canadian charity whose mission is to make education possible for those who can’t afford it. The team is part of the West Ottawa Soccer Club (WOSC) , which is an organization that encourages its athletes to give back to their community. During their ten day stay, they will be helping to...Read more

Sport for Development - Right To Play

10 Years of Right to Play – 10 Years of Sport for Development by Liz McDonald, SIRC On February 16, 2011 SIRC had the pleasure of attending a Right To Play (RTP) Canadian Awareness Program (CAP) in Ottawa. The main objective of the evening was to increase knowledge and understanding of the work Right To Play and the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) are accomplishing through sport...Read more