Get yourself pumped up with a great playlist!

Many studies have shown that music provides a welcome distraction from discomfort and is a great mood booster. It encourages a person to move with the beat of each song and has the capacity to increase energy and improve physical performance. This is great news for anyone that may have trouble motivating themselves to exercise since all of the above have great applications for both the...Read more

How do you choose a medicine ball?

Many variations of medicine balls have come and gone throughout history but one thing remains constant, they are an excellent training tool for athletes. Medicine balls are essential for building the explosive strength that many athletes need to perform at their best. It’s a unique tool that has the ability to force the body to work as a total unit rather than specifically focusing on one area...Read more

National Health and Fitness Day

National Health and Fitness Day (NHFD) takes place on June 7, 2014 and is about involving local governments in increasing the physical activity of their communities in response to declining rates of physical activity and increasing rates of heart disease and obesity. The project was initiated by MP John Weston in the fall of 2012 to motivate and encourage Canadians into actively taking...Read more

The underwater treadmill, an alternative to supplementing your training

It is no secret that athletes are always looking for an edge. As an athlete hungry to improve your performance, sometimes you can only train so hard before it becomes necessary to find ways of supplementing your training. Some athletes enhance their workload through cross training , resistance training or even through taking up another sport. One tool that has emerged in the last decade which has...Read more