Periodization: Planned Peaks and Targeted Training

Periodization is a systematic approach to training that involves varying training variables, like volume and intensity, over time. The objective of this planning is for the athlete to reach his or her peak at a specific, pre-determined time, while optimizing recovery to avoid overtraining and injury. A periodized training plan is divided into several subsets of cycles. Macrocycles generally last...Read more

Preparing for the final weeks of wrestling season

The championship season is just around the corner and from the coach’s point of view, the athletes who have reached this stage have done so through consistent training. They have prepared well and their workouts have been periodized to peak during this phase of the season. In wrestling , the plan coaches and athletes set forth at the beginning of the preseason can only be tweaked since major...Read more

Periodization: Preparation for Success

“One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation.” Arthur Ashe . Athletes devote many hours of training over a season with a support team consisting of coaches, trainers and doctors to ultimately get the chance to compete at their highest levels. Preparation can be a deciding factor in whether an athlete is ready to perform well. This makes...Read more

Puzzled by Periodization Training?

Periodization training is the division of a training year(s) into a cycle of of several phases, each phase devoted to different training methods and objectives. In it's most general form, a periodized training program will span 6 months to one year with the exception of Olympic athletes who plan for four years. Each phase is divided up over the designated time period with each phase devoted to...Read more