Mindset: Mental Strategies to perform at your best

Elite athletes have an exceptional ability to rise to the occasion when called upon to perform. Whether it is making that big shot to win the game or making a dazzling pass that scores the winning goal, most coaches want their best player to have the ball when the game is on the line. But how do they build the confidence, concentration and instincts among their top athletes to pull off such feats...Read more

Preparing for the final weeks of wrestling season

The championship season is just around the corner and from the coach’s point of view, the athletes who have reached this stage have done so through consistent training. They have prepared well and their workouts have been periodized to peak during this phase of the season. In wrestling , the plan coaches and athletes set forth at the beginning of the preseason can only be tweaked since major...Read more

The effectiveness of a pre-competition routine

Athletes train to be able to perform with confidence during competition. They prepare both physically and mentally for all sceneries but there are situations that athletes cannot control on competition day such as weather, the venue or their opponents. Sometimes the unexpected can happen creating unwanted stresses. One way to help ensure athletes feel they have some sense of control is by having...Read more

Flow State: In the zone for optimal sports performance!

For basketball fans and sports enthusiasts this is a great time of year. March Madness is upon us. In tournaments such as this, when the outcome of a single game determines who plays on and who goes home, a single player hitting their peak can make all the difference. When an athlete can seem to do no wrong in their play, they are often referred to as being "on fire” or being in “ the zone ”. The...Read more

The view is better at the top of the hill

Walter Payton , nicknamed Sweetness, was one of the greatest running backs to ever play the game of football. During his off-season conditioning he used to run up a hill simply dubbed “The Hill.” The Hill was about 50 to 60 yards with a very steep incline described by Walter as “a goal setter or a will maker”. During his 13-year National Football League (NFL) career, he was a two time MVP and a...Read more

Mental Skills for Coaches

Coaches are the driving force in developing young athletes from amateurs into great professional athletes. They help instill the fundamentals of a sport , implement training programs and cultivate the understanding and knowledge of a sport in athletes. Coaches need to have a lot of skills in order to nurture young athletes who may have the potential to one day reach the Olympic medal podium. One...Read more

Coaching and Digital Video Analysis

Video analysis in sports can be an indispensable coaching tool - from determining feedback and correction to athletes, to observations on technical and tactical skills. With technological advances, GoPro being the latest popular video recording device, as well as the multitude of video editing programs available, coaches and athletes have the ability to analyse play and performance on a variety...Read more

Hitting the Mark

by Emily Syer Algonquin College Library Technician Program SIRC Intern Is running not your thing? Looking for a new way to stay physically active? Why not give archery a try? From Merida in Brave, to Katniss in The Hunger Games, and Hawkeye in The Avengers, archery is an admired and skillful sport. “The thing about archery is that everyone can do it and everyone can have a good day at it. You don...Read more

Are you Tough Enough?

When preparing for a race, a competition or just everyday exercise, mental preparation plays a vital role in the training process. Mental toughness is the psychological edge that an athlete uses to cope with the demands of training and performances at an event. It allows the athlete to remain consistent, determined, focused, confident and in control under the pressures that they face. Athletes...Read more

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SIRC Newsletter now available online: Mental Training You’ve worked hard and your body is in peak condition, it’s important to ensure your mind is also ready for the competition ahead. Studies show that the highest achieving athletes are those who train not just physically, but mentally as well. Every athlete has suffered from nervousness or anxiety and without mental training these nerves will...Read more