Resolving conflict: The power of dialogue and authentic apology

Healthy conflict is an important part of productive work relationships, but the moment that conflict morphs into something more insidious, issues ensue. In the world of sport we often praise a win-at-all-costs approach to any challenge. When a prospective opponent faces us, we put up our fists, ready to defend our territory. Has this mentality permeated our approach to communication and...Read more

Resolving Conflict within a Youth Sport Team

Being part of a team can be one of the most supportive environments to learn and grow as an athlete and as an individual. Teammates aspire to work together in harmony to achieve success, sometimes reaching a higher level than an individual could on their own. However, pushing both ourselves as athletes and our teams to improve can be a challenging process. Sport by nature can be competitive and...Read more

Calling It Like It Is

If anyone was watching the FIFA World Cup final match this past weekend, they know that a referee’s job is not always easy. With a final match record 14 yellow cards and one red, emotions were riding high. So how do officials handle highly charged scenarios? The referee plays a key role in soccer matches. His vigilance, concentration and authority on the pitch ensure the respect of the players...Read more