Creating a Safer Sport Environment with the Rule of Two

Creating a healthy and safe sport environment, both on and off the field of play, will benefit all participants. Whether you’re a coach, administrator or parent, we all have a role to play in making sport a fun and rewarding experience. This three-part blog series will provide tools and resources to strengthen safety and ethical values in sport by introducing the Responsible Coaching Movement (...Read more

The cheater’s high: why do athletes cheat?

Athletes train to be able to compete at their best with integrity, honesty and the hope their opponents have done the same, although sometimes this is not the case. Cheating is nothing new; resorting to anything to get an edge on your opponent, has long been part of the history of sport. Whether it is performance enhancing drugs, shaving points, or sports betting, the dark side of our will to win...Read more

Returning to play? Who decides?

So you lose your star player to injury. If you are a professional team, this may affect gate receipts. If you are in the hunt for a championship, this may cost you the title. So no matter the motivation to get your player back on the field of play, star of the team or not, how is the decision made and who makes it? Does the athlete decide when they are ready? Should the coach make the final...Read more


Instant messaging programs such as Skype, text-messaging, Facebook, email, and MSN messenger, just to name a few, are some of the media which has entered our lives to facilitate communication between people. Our lives get more connected everyday and CMC ( Computer-Mediated-Communication ) is not something that will be leaving our society any time soon. What does this mean for the coach-athlete...Read more