Authentic Leadership – Tips for Becoming the Leader You Want to Be

Becoming a leader that others look up to is a goal worth pursuing . Authentic leadership is a form of leadership that transforms people, organizations, communities, and the world. Think about the great leaders you admire most. Chances are, these leaders maintain key positions within organizations because they are trusted, respected, and admired. They communicate clearly and authentically, relying...Read more

6 Steps to the Art of Delegation

Delegating tasks and responsibilities within an organization is crucial in creating successful workplaces. While it isn’t always easy, delegation done well can not only help your own workload and shows respect for your colleagues. While it may take more time up front, in the long run enabling other staff members to take over certain responsibilities not only frees up your time and head space, but...Read more


SIRC is pleased to be working together with Sport Canada to share current research on topics informing policy and promoting quality sport programming. This week we are sharing highlights of a recent article examining MANAGEMENT OF DIVERSITY AND CULTURAL SAFETY TRAINING FOR INSTRUCTORS IN SPORT PROGRAMMING. Managing Diversity to Provide Culturally Safe Sport Programming: A Case Study of the...Read more

Networking is also Face-to-Face!

Six degrees of separation refers to the idea that everyone is, on average, about six steps away, by way of introduction, from any other person on Earth. The ability to successfully network in the sports world is a talent on its own, and is one that is a necessary component to supporting a career in coaching, sports administration, communications or marketing, along with many more areas. The world...Read more

One Stop Shops for Digital Solutions

A case no longer needs to be made for why an organization should be using social media as part of their business plan. We all know that embracing the medium means that customer engagement will improved significantly while allowing for direct customer and member communication and increasing the speed of feedback and results. With an unquestionable increase in the business usage of Facebook,...Read more

International Women's Day is for Sports Too!

The 100th Anniversary of International Women’s Day was officially yesterday. It is THE day to celebrate the political, social and economic advancements of women. The new millennium has seen a significant change and attitude shift in both women's (and men’s) thoughts about women's equity and liberation. There has also been significant progress in the world of sport. One hundred years ago it would...Read more


Check out the latest SIRC Newsletter on Volunteers ! Recruiting, selection, references, training, recognition and retention is just as important with volunteers as it would be with paid employees. Often recruiting volunteers is a major hurdle faced by organizations. Why not try looking at the older or younger generations for a new pool of recruits? It is important to remember a proper background...Read more

Durham College Students learn the value of research!

Amanda Street-Bishop (Toronto’s Regional Information Specialist) received an invitation from Durham College’s Professor Kate Houze, to speak to their first year students enrolled in the Sport Administration and Sport Management programs. Students partook in a hands-on workshop which allowed them to learn about SIRC and how they can use us to help them in their second semester Sport Research...Read more