Breaking the Silence: Championing Psychological Help-Seeking in Sport

Sometimes it seems like athletes have magical powers. As they plunge in the water and soar in the air, it can feel as though they are invincible. Their physical superiority, focused demeanour, and competitive spirit often radiate confidence and strength, influencing us to believe that they possess superhuman qualities. While they experience the throes of victory and the despairs of loss, we must...Read more

Problem-solving Past a Tough Run

Spring has finally arrived and avid runners are signing up for races, lacing up their shoes, hitting the great outdoors and setting their goals. With the eagerness that comes with sunshine and warmer temperatures, having a workout where nothing seems to go right can sometimes take a bite out of your confidence. There are many reasons why someone in the middle of training for their next big race...Read more

Coaching boys or girls: Is there a difference?

No two athletes are the same. Most athletes have their own ways of approaching practice and competition. As a coach, to get the best out of your athlete you have to get to know them as individuals and as athletes. To do this you have to understand what gets them motivated, their learning style and their feedback preferences. Most athletes are interested in developing their abilities, as athletes...Read more

Active Recovery

Recovery is paramount to attaining peak performance and minimizing the chances of overtraining. For athletes who carry out repeated bouts of high intensity workouts, the ability to recover between the repetitions and the days between these sessions can improve performance. Being able to recover quickly allows the athlete to apply more stress during training and to do so more frequently during the...Read more

Is momentum important to the outcome of a match?

Fans, coaches, players and play-by-play announcers love to use the word momentum to describe the turning point of a game or a match. Gaining momentum is thought of as a positive outcome while losing momentum is the opposite. This is more evident during a 7 game series where one team can erase a 3-0 series deficit and win the series leaving the losing team questioning where they lost their...Read more

Overcoming the Fear of Re-injury

Athletes often push their bodies to the limits to keep them fit and make them faster. While this attitude keeps athletes at the top of their game, it also comes with a risk. Injuries are commonplace in the sport community, freak accidents happen to the best of us even with extra precaution and care. After a major injury, an athlete may become 'injury-prone' . This can happen when fears, conscious...Read more

Winners Wear Red?

Anyone who is familiar with psychology is aware that colour can have a profound psychological effect on humans. While this information is not new, with the London 2012 Olympics in full swing some are questioning whether the colour of team uniforms will have an effect on overall performance. A recent study explored the idea that athletes who wear red may have an advantage over their rivals...Read more

I can't sleep...

Preparation for a competition often includes such things like packing your gear the night before, scheduling travel time and getting a good breakfast. Unfortunately, most people neglect an aspect of training and recovery that is one of the most important, getting a good night's sleep . Anxiety disrupts sleep - how many times have you lain awake at night worrying about the competition ahead? A...Read more

Making waves in the big pond!

On their pathway to higher competition, athletes find themselves adapting to different levels of competition and moving from being the "big fish in the little pond" to the "little fish in the big pond" as a recent article in the SIRC Collection says. This move from being the best at one level to being one of the many who are the best at the next can often be a psychological challenge for many...Read more

Yoga Poses and Meditation for back pain

Yoga - the ancient physical, mental and spiritual discipline - has been found to be a great intervention for chronic back pain. And many high level athletes use yoga as a part of their training and recovery programs. The physical stretches are the most helpful part of the recovery but let us not forgot that the mental aspect of the discipline is quite beneficial to recovery as well. By holding a...Read more