Volunteer Recruitment at the 2020 Arctic Winter Games

This is the third blog of a series leading up to the 2020 Arctic Winter Games that will be hosted by Whitehorse, YT March 15-21, 2020. Check out the first blog , about the development of the Games; and the second about the incorporation of reconciliation in the Games . The Yukon might be large in size (the territory is approximately the same size as the country of Spain), but when it comes to...Read more


SIRC Newsletter now available online: Volunteerism Volunteerism is considered the backbone of Canada's sport and recreation system. Currently, Canada has over 6.5 million volunteers with 35% of those being involved in sport. Sport volunteers encompass people from all walks of life, from active and retired athletes, coaches and officials to professionals, parents and youth (and more) who want to...Read more

SIRC Newsletter - Volunteering

Volunteers are critical to the success of sport and recreation! Appreciating our volunteers and providing well managed programming and tools will assist in the retention and positive experience for everyone involved. Typically volunteers feel a strong identification with the activity, a passion for giving back and want to make a meaningful contribution. How do organizations keep people coming...Read more