Inclusion requires action! Creating inclusion for newcomers to Canada

It is clear that the next generation will be diverse, multicultural and, apparently, much less fit than the previous generations. Research points in this general direction, but results from the recent TOPO survey , released in May 2018, demonstrates this trend clearly. The 2017 survey engaged 13,400 children and 7,800 parents across all school boards on the Island of Montreal to explore lifestyle...Read more

Next Level Coaching – Building an Effective Leadership Style

Coaches, in a nutshell, are educated leaders who influence people to work towards a specific goal. Effective leadership in sport requires knowing the best approach for assisting players based upon their level of skills and motivation, and transforming that knowledge into a dynamic environment for learning and success. There is no right way to be a leader but there are various behaviours and...Read more

Inspiring Creativity in the Workplace

In most workplace settings the onus of coming up with creative solutions to problems is generally on the shoulders of designated leaders. It’s an essential part of their job and many of them are in leadership positions because of their ability to problem solve. Now imagine what would happen if an organization took the opportunity to broaden their reach and tapped into the backgrounds, experiences...Read more


SIRC is pleased to be working together with Sport Canada to share current research on topics informing policy and promoting quality sport programming. This week we are sharing highlights of a recent article examining MANAGEMENT OF DIVERSITY AND CULTURAL SAFETY TRAINING FOR INSTRUCTORS IN SPORT PROGRAMMING. Managing Diversity to Provide Culturally Safe Sport Programming: A Case Study of the...Read more

Sport Leadership - Creating Opportunities for Women

When female athletes decide to make the transition into leadership positions they bring with them numerous skills that have been developed from participating in sport. Many times these include high standards for success, the ability to overcome obstacles, exceptional discipline, and the ability work with and inspire a team - all of which are tremendously valuable for any organization. Even with...Read more

Promoting a diverse and inclusive environment for your sport club

Diversity and inclusiveness are important subjects for sport clubs at the moment. Both words refer to the degree to which a sport club adapts itself to welcoming a broad range of backgrounds and interests; these can include cultural , gender-related , age , socio-economic status and disability . Embracing this attitude offers a multitude of opportunities for sport clubs, some of which include:...Read more

Celebrating the Year of Sport with the Pan Am and Parapan Am Games!

Starting July 10-26 through to August 7-15, Toronto and its surrounding communities will be the proud hosts of the 2015 Pan Am and Parapan Am Games . It's the world’s 3rd largest international multi-sport Games with over 10,000 athletes, 20,000 volunteers and 41 nations participating from the America's and the Caribbean and is just one of a series of exciting events happening during the Year of...Read more

The Power of Sport

Sport for development refers to any initiative that uses sport to help improve or strengthen its community or helps assist people in need. However, when people talk about sport for development they are often referring to organizations like Right to Play and UNICEF who work in developing countries all over the world. What is often overlooked is the work being done locally in the sport for...Read more

Diversity in Sport

SIRC Newsletter now available online: Diversity in Sport The Canadian sport community has the opportunity to embrace our uniquely diverse population and actively strive for a multicultural and socially inclusive environment. Proactive sport organizations adopt a broad view of diversity and value it to its fullest extent. Ideally, this means going beyond merely removing barriers to participation...Read more

New Canadians Have New Opportunties

Statistics show that using sport is one of the most effective and fastest ways that New Canadians can assimilate into Canadian society. SIRC recently attended a “Sport and Diversity” session hosted by SPORT4ONTARIO at the Sport Alliance Building in Toronto, where three organizations presented on how they are expanding their services to insure that there are programs directed towards assisting New...Read more