Wednesday, September 18, 2013 - 14:39

SIRC is pleased to be participating in the SPIN Summit 2013 hosted by Own the Podium. This year’s focus has been on “pushing the limits on performance” and we’ve had the pleasure of hearing many interesting presentations from former athletes, Olympic coaches and sport scientists.

The conference began with hearing former Olympic cross-country skier Rebecca “Beckie” Scott speak about her personal experience as an athlete transitioning out of sport. The workshops and sessions have been interesting – some examples of what we’ve been listening to are: Concussion: Return to Podium, High Intensity Interval Training, and Nutritional Periodization for the Competitive Athlete. The poster presentations display the newest research in Canadian sport and the exhibitors are leading the pack in innovation with the aim of assisting Canadian athletes in their efforts in achieving peak performance.

Rounding off the conference we have the pleasure of listening to Paralympian Michelle Stillwell and her coach Peter Lawless share their perspectives on how to achieve “Performance of Demand”. SPIN attracts many people from every aspect of the sport community and it truly is wonderful to meet so many experts sharing their knowledge and their passion for sport. It’s been an exciting conference!