Preparing for the final weeks of wrestling season

Friday, June 13, 2014 - 15:15

The championship season is just around the corner and from the coach’s point of view, the athletes who have reached this stage have done so through consistent training. They have prepared well and their workouts have been periodized to peak during this phase of the season.

In wrestling, the plan coaches and athletes set forth at the beginning of the preseason can only be tweaked since major changes can throw off the athlete’s confidence. In the final weeks of the season, polishing wrestling technique and building confidence may be the best approach.

Strategies to prepare for championship tournaments:

  • Shorten practices – Limit time from running and lifting and emphasize more actual wrestling.
  • Increase competitive wrestling – Allow for more scrimmaging against teammates, which will challenge wrestlers mentally and physically.
  • Review goals – By reviewing the goals of your athletes you can learn what has or has not worked. This keeps wrestlers focused on developing and de-emphasizes winning as the only outcome of the season.
  • Inspire your wrestlers – As a coach, it’s your job to motivate and inspire your athletes as they gear up for the post season. You can do this by telling anecdotal stories of previous wrestlers, invite former members to speak to the team or show wrestling videos for the athletes to critique.

The Canadian Senior Championships and World Trials event will be held at the University of Calgary on May 3, 2014. This will be the final stage of the Canadian Championship for women’s Olympic weight classes and the world trial for the senior men’s freestyle non-Olympic weight classes.

There are many variables that can occur during the season that can direct a wrestler’s trajectory towards championship competitions. Whether it is hard work, talent, luck or sheer will the athlete has done something positive to earn the right to compete. Preparing them for this phase of the championship season is very important, as most wrestlers aspire to mark the post season on their competitive calendar.

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This is a wonderfully motivating article. All champions should read and follow the strategies explained to stay a champion. This is for those who want to win.