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The Sport Information Resource Centre

Does your organization have a project that needs extra work, or a short-term position that needs to be filled? With spring on the way many students are looking towards securing summer employment or post-term internships. A few simple tips could help fill a resource need at the same time as providing powerful on-the-job work experience for students looking to get into the sport administration field.

As an employer there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Specifically define the work that needs to be done, better yet have a finite program or project that an intern can complete.
  • Identify someone in the organization that will serve as supervisor and mentor to the intern.
  • Have a defined training program.
  • Make sure that expectations of the position are clear on both sides, by defining goals for the work to be done
  • Be sure that you can fulfill your responsibilities to the internship program.
  • Perform an exit evaluation to determine how your organization can provide an optimal internship experience and get the best for your organization.

Providing temporary staff with specific projects and making sure that they have someone invested in mentoring their placement will ensure that both the organization and the student/intern will have a mutually satisfactory work experience.

Have a position that needs to be filled? Looking for a placement? Be sure to check out SIRC’s job board to post or access the latest openings in the sport community.