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Good nutritional practice will help athletes train hard, recover quickly and adapt more effectively with less risk of illness and injury

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Dear Sport Canada and National Sport Leaders,

Every athlete should know that what you fuel your body with and when has a direct impact on how you perform on the sports field. This issue of our report gathers research in the area of nutrition for athletic training and competition.

Consensus Statements and Position Statements on sports nutrition come from the following organizations:

  • International Olympic Committee(IOC)/Comité international olympique (CIO)
  • Consensus from the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), American Dietetic Association (ADA), Dietitians of Canada
  • International Amateur Athletics Foundation (IAAF)
  • Fédération Internationale de Médecine du Sport (FIMS)/International Federation of Sports Medicine on vegetarianism and athletes

Highlighted topics from the research include the following areas:

  • Eating on the road: nutritional strategies for athletes required to travel to and from sporting events
  • An Olympic coach looks at the vegetarian diet and how this eating plan may affect athletes
  • Teaching young athletes about nutrition focusing on the sport development years
  • The physiology and energy metabolism of spinal cord injured athletes in the context of nutritional and dietary requirements for athletes with a disability.

There are a number of websites that have an excellent collection of competitive sports related nutrition fact sheets and articles.

  • Coaching Association of Canada (CAC)
  • Australian Institute of Sport (AIS)
  • SCAN (American Dietetic Association)
  • Gatorade Sports Science Institute (GSSI)

Please click here for a full list of this report’s articles.

If you have any questions or would like further resources on any of these topics, please do not hesitate to contact SIRC.

Best wishes,

Debra Gassewitz

President & CEO


Nancy Rebel

Director of Library Services


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