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young children (10 and under) determine their self-worth and physical competence from feedback (praise and criticism) they receive from their parents and coaches

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Sport Parents

A parent plays a very important role in their child's sporting experience. Often however, the critical nature of this role is overlooked. While coaches are there to help them develop the skills of the game, the parent provides the emotional support an athlete needs to succeed. The number one thing you can do for your young athlete is to remain positive, and continuously encourage and support them. So get out there and cheer them on. And remember: keep it fun, engage in conversations with your child, attend not only games but practices, and finally love your child unconditionally.

Feature Articles

Creating Positive Experiences for Youths

Go to any youth sport event and you will observe kids engaging in the sport, coaches and officials facilitating the event, and parents watching from the sidelines, cheering on their children, assisting the coaches, handing out programs or selling paraphernalia to raise money for the club. However, the role of parents in the sport experiences of youths is often overlooked. Without guidance, some parents negatively impact their child's experience by not becoming involved, putting too much pressure on their child to excel in athletics, becoming over-involved in coaching and planning decisions, or by engaging in deviant behavior. So what role should parents play in youth sports? This article will attempt to highlight several ways that parents can be appropriately involved in the youth sport experience.

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Supplementary Article: Thanks to my Parents...

Empowering Conversation

Conversations are the glue between people, the essential element in a strong relationship. Relationships wither without communication, and the very best form of communication is the conversation. Many parents fall into the trap of thinking that it is their job to talk while their child listens. Actually that's only half-right. It is also our job to listen while our child talks. It's a wonderful thing when both parent and child can talk and listen.

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Supplementary Article: The Ride Home

Sporting Parents

Parents love their children and want nothing but the best for them. Sporting Parents are keen to learn as much as they can to help their kids achieve their sporting goals. The single most important thing parents can give their kids is unconditional love and support and the single most important thing coaches can give parents is education on how to be a better swimming parent. These are the 10 most common questions asked by sporting parents:

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Supplementary Article: How to be a Champion Parent

Guide to Sport Psychology for parents

When we rule out physical advantages of athletes, the difference between them comes down to what is between athlete’s ears. Not their brains, but how they think and how they mentally approach the game. The attitudes, beliefs, and other techniques employed to optimize an athlete’s mental preparation for competition are what we call sport psychology. Self-awareness; positive mental attitude; energy management; goal-setting, and visualization using guided imagery are "five skills of mental fitness" parents and mentors can help teach to athletes.

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Supplementary Article: Help Your Children Achieve in Sports

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Parenting Resources in the SIRC Collection

SIRC is pleased to have recently received the following books into the sport library. If you would like to sign out a book, simply drop by the library and we’ll be happy to help you.

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Dear SIRC Librarian:
I am trying to find research information on compression garments in sport, specifically what role compression has on muscle performance in sport. Could you help me locate information on this topic?

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