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Wearing an approved bicycle helmet reduces the risk of head injury by 85% and brain injury by 88%

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Cycling is an outstanding means of physical activity. Whether you cycle to compete or just hop on your bike for a little exercise, cycling is an excellent aerobic exercise which will build muscle at the same time. Injuries are very common among cyclists, primarily involving the knee. The number one way to prevent injuries is to make sure your bike is the right fit. The first step towards riding injury free all summer long is to ensure your frame size, saddle configuration (height, position and tilt) and handlebar position are correct. Another key component to staying injury free is safety equipment. Every cyclist should wear a helmet however, bike shorts and shoes can also play a roll in preventing injuries.

Feature Articles

Cycling Injuries – Prevention and Treatment

The human body makes contact with the bike at three points; hands (handlebars), pelvis (saddle) and the feet (pedals). If these three points of contact are disregarded and set up incorrectly then almost certainly overuse and traumatic injuries will occur. One can try to adjust the bike to the person but one cannot adjust the person to the bike without a great deal of difficulty.

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Supplementary Article: Avoid Injury: Develop your Pedaling Skills

Bike Fit Basics

Whether you ride on-road or off, pedal casually or competitively, it’s important to pay close attention to how your bicycle fits your body. A properly fitted bike will allow you to ride comfortably and safely, avoid injury, and produce more power, so you go faster with the same or less effort. In general, when fitting a bicycle, there are five basic components to consider: Frame size, Saddle (seat) height, Saddle position, Saddle tilt and Handlebar position.

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Supplementary Article: Correct Bicycle Set-up to Minimise the Risk of Injury

Take A Bike!

No matter what your age, ability level of fitness, cycling is an enjoyable and accessible way to improve your aerobic conditioning, build muscle strength and endurance, and Increase your overall health and well being. To help stay motivated and be able to monitor your riding performance, you'll need to follow a regular cycling program. The following guide will show you how to test your own cycling fitness and includes some sample workouts to try.

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Supplementary Article: Training for Cycling

Bike Buying

Cycling is probably one of the most effective, versatile and enjoyable fitness activities you can take part in. Not only will it build endurance, strength, speed and stamina in a joint friendly way but it can also take you all around the world as well as to work and back. The most difficult part of cycling is probably the first step of buying a bike and hopefully that’s where this article can help out.

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Supplementary Article: Proper Bike Shorts

Cyclist Guide to Warm-up

Specifically, warm-up is used for the following reasons: 1) to gradually increase heart rate, 2) to raise muscle temperature, 3) to speed up metabolism I the muscle(s), 4) to increase blood flow to and within muscle, 5) to reduce muscle soreness and risk of injury and 6) to assist the cyclist in focusing on the task at hand (training or racing) The changes in heart rate, temperature, metabolism and blood flow will all occur with an increase in activity level. The point of warming-up is to pace the body through these changes at a slower rate, thus allowing a smoother transition between pre-activity level and maximal effort.

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Supplementary Article: Stretching

News from SIRC

Cycling Resources in the SIRC Collection

SIRC is pleased to have recently received the following books and journals into the sport library. If you would like to sign out a book, simply drop by the library and we’ll be happy to help you.

Popular Journals
  • Performance conditioning cycling
  • Cycling weekly
  • Australian cyclist
  • Bicycle paper
New Books

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